LED Walk In Cooler Lights & Cold Storage Lighting

Discover how our LED walk in cooler lights and cold storage lighting fixtures can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and reduce costs...

LED walk in cooler lights

Walk in coolers and cold storage lighting needs to be able to keep out moisture and work in low temperatures. LED is the perfect fit for this as they can operate in very cold temperatures and still maintain proper light output and lifespan. In addition, they save energy and produce a higher quality appearance, improving safety.

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Commercial LED lights for Walk in Cooler or Freezer

Whether you manage a cold storage warehouse or a walk in cooler, our cold storage & walk in cooler LED light fixtures are a perfect fit. Our vapor tight cooler LEDs keep out moisture, work in cold temperatures, save energy, and output high quality light.

Walk in cooler LED lights are the go to technology for cold applications, and they offer near endless benefits when compared to any other lighting technology used in freezers and coolers.

These benefits include things like energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 (or more) times longer, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better safety.

Reduced costs

Reducing walk in cooler lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED lights for walk-in cooler applications. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also a cold room lighting system can save tremendously with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Works in low temperatures

Walk in coolers, freezers, doors, and other cold storage environments need a lighting system that can withstand the conditions, and LED can do just that. In fact, due to the cold environment it can actually increase the lifespan of an LED due to it never getting too hot. Our cold storage freezer LED light fixtures will maintain great light output in low temperatures as well as maintain a long lifespan of 50,000+ hours. So whether you need walk in cooler or walk in freezer LED light fixtures; they will withstand the temperature.

Keeps out moisture

Coolers can contain moisture, and that's exactly why we have our line of vapor tight walk in cooler lights that will keep out this moisture. In an environment such as a freezer, allowing any type of moisture into a fixture can be detrimental to the light and its lifespan. With the vapor tight design, it prevents this issue from every occurring. Be ensured that your new LED lighting system for your cooler or freezer will keep out the moisture and maintain a long lifespan with our LED vapor proof light fixture for walk in coolers and freezers.

LED Cooler Light Retrofit Kits

Another incredible way to reduce replacement of your cooler lights is with LED cooler light retrofit kit options. These kits allow you to reduce replacement costs, but still enjoy the benefits of LED; including potential rebates.

Whether you have a cold storage warehouse in need of high bay retrofits that withstand the cold temperatures or need  some beverage cooler LED light retrofit kits for a walk in cooler or even need it for LED refrigerated display case lighting, we can cover either and everything in-between.

LED Cooler Door Lights

Cooler door lights are common in convenience or grocery stores where they display all of their cold items for sale. We offer both full fixture systems for cooler doors as well as LED lights for cooler doors, which include our LED cooler retrofit kits.

LED in this space allows for the perfect lighting up against the items for sale, allowing for improved contrast along with all of the other benefits LED cooler door lights offer.

Want to find out more about our LED walk in freezer lights, cooler lights, for doors, or general cold storage lighting? Use our contact info below to inquire and let us help you setup LED in your cold storage that meet all of the cold storage & walk in cooler lighting requirements.


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