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US Made Commercial LED lights

Made in US LED products are a better bargain

One hears a lot of talk about buying American products to support the American economy. The problem with United States has been that we have been dependent on foreign manufacturing units sending low cost equipment to America. The result has been that the real income of the country and its savings rate has been abysmally low.


Cheap labor and a poor environmental record make it possible

Foreign countries are often able to produce cheaper products because they have access to low cost labor resources. More often than not, the cheaper goods are made possible by cutting corners on environment protection. If you do not have an electrostatic precipitator to collect soot from your chimneys and do not need to invest in sewage treatment and disposal, it is hardly any surprise that the costs will be lower. For American companies on the other hand, playing by the rulebook is the norm rather than the exception. Most American companies take their responsibility far more seriously than their counterparts abroad.


Cutting corners in manufacturing and poor quality control

There have been reports of unscrupulous manufacturers abroad, resorting to creative manufacturing practices. A single factory at times produces material of a dozen different quality standards. The higher quality lot is made available for inspection and certification but the product that reaches the customer is of a far lower quality. Compact fluorescent lamps have been beset with this problem.  Advertised to have life spans of 5- 10,000 hours these usually blow out within the first 1000 hours of use.

This quality angle was one of the important factors that led to a rejection of CFL’s by discerning customers. LED manufacturers were keen to avoid the mistakes made by the CFL industry.  It was this belief that they could outdo cheaper labor locations through their edge in technology that has led American corporations outcompete their peers abroad.

The Corners that are Cut

American corporations make most high quality LED chips. However, an LED light is much more than the LED chip alone. There are circuit design issues and the quality of the electrical components that go into the making of the light bulb. Your LED may have a 100,000 hour life span but couple it with poor quality electronic components and it will die within a few thousand hours.


American made commercial LEDs lights are assembled in United States and have high quality electronic components and heat sinks that ensure that your LED bulb gives you the best results.


The Exit Sign Example

LEDs are the best choice for exit signs. Instead of the 180 lumens that the older lights put out, modern LEDs can do the job with only 100 lumens as they direct the light better. Products that do not comply with exit sign standards may produce less luminance at the board, so the visibility of the board is not guaranteed which can lead to fatal incidents in a case of emergency.


The risks do not end here. In early 2011, over 250,000 imported lights were recalled over quality concerns after the importer received multiple reports of circuit failure and overheating.


The LED Product Range

LEDs make a versatile light engine. They can be assembled to any specifications. Shape, power or light output LEDs make anything possible. LED high bay and low bay lights are a direct replacement for HID bulbs and fluorescent lights.


LED Product Applications

Experience tells us that LEDs can be used effectively in nealry all areas but are particularly suited to areas where the lights are difficult to service. Slippery floors, mines, ice rinks, streetlights, high bay lights – are all ideal choices for LED technology.

 If you desire directional light for highlighting purposes or spotlights, LEDs with a narrow beam angle are your best bet. If you want to backlight walls, to make information visible or just to make an area more attractive, LED solutions are a great choice as well. Choose the ones with a wide beam or even bat wing light distribution. 

Estimates by researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health suggests that the use of LED lights in the American mining sector alone could have reduced the risk of accidents. They estimate that these 140 accidents between 2002 -2006 involving a loss of over 3668 person-days may have been avoided by using LED lighting technology mostly by reducing the need for maintenance. They further opine that over a 5-year period further gains are possible from low power consumption characteristics of LED lights. In hazardous conditions like those prevailing in mines or oil rigs LED lights can help improve the visual performance of workers allowing them to better detect potential hazards.


Commercial LED lights are also used from color sensitive applications like print inspection. This is made possible by the consistent, flicker free light produced by LED systems.


Buying Smart – Locally

Getting cheaper products directly from foreign manufacturers may seem to be a bright cost effective idea. By the time the euphoria over saving some money in the purchase process dies down, the bulbs begin to fail. You spend time and effort in contacting the foreign vendor and find that there are huge language and cultural barriers. Shipping the products back to the manufacturer to get a replacement is a very costly option. Warranties are either absent or are non-actionable in United States. None of these is an issue with locally assembled products.


My LED Lighting Guide

We bring you the promise of quality offered by superior American manufacturing procedures. The prices of our products are comparable to those made anywhere else in the world. The biggest plus of these products is that having been built in United States these lights qualify for the rebates available for upgrading energy consumption infrastructure with American products.


Better quality lights that lower energy consumption and qualify your project for energy efficiency rebates are a perfect choice for your lighting project.


Thanks to the advantages to company’s manufacturing their products in America, Chinese and Taiwanese companies like Everlight Electronics are planning to shift production lines and jobs to America. MyLEDLightingGuide maintains that customer choice has been instrumental in ensuring that more manufacturing jobs are now being created in United States in the green light bulb manufacturing space.

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