LED Tunnel Lighting

LED Tunnel Lighting

Tunnels for cars, pedestrians, or bikes all require proper lighting for good safety and security. LED tunnel lights provide both along with tremendous energy savings.

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LED Lights For Tunnels

LED tunnel lighting fixtures bring tremendous upsides to tunnels of all types. From a traffic tunnel, pedestrian tunnel, to an underpass, great road tunnel lighting systems can make or break the functionality of a tunnel.

We define an exceptional lighting system in tunnel environments by the output and experience the lighting system offers. With LED, it offers a benefit in every area of a lighting system when compared to other lighting technologies commonly found in tunnels such as metal halide or HPS.

These benefits that LED offers over the other lighting technologies include things like power savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better safety for your users of the tunnel.

Reduced operating costs

Better design

Increased safety

Reducing the operating costs of a tunnels lighting system is practical and sustainable with tunnel LED lights.

With energy saving of up to 75%, this alone is a major cost saver.

Also major savings come with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.
A good tunnel can be turned into a great one with a proper tunnel lighting design.

With LED solutions, they aid in the process of offering a quality light fixture that outputs a quality light.

Our LED products can be customized to achieve the most desire color temperature for the tunnels needs.
To meet proper tunnel lighting requirements, we suggest our LED products.

With LED, you will maintain proper light levels which will improve safety throughout the entire tunnel.

The new standard is with LED, so meet your tunnel lighting standards and choose LED.

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