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LED Self Storage Unit Lighting

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Self Storage LED Lighting

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LED Indoor Fixtures for Self Storage Facilities

LED Outdoor Fixtures for Self Storage Facilities

How to Make a Self Storage Unit Energy-Efficient

1.      Get Rid of Inefficient Light Fixtures

HID Light Bulbs Image

Older storage facilities – those that were built in the 60s – were less consumer-oriented than those available today. Most utilized wall-packs, and for light control, each had a spring wound timer. The most common traditional light sources for storage units are fluorescents and metal halides.

Metal halide lamps are gas discharge bulbs that discharge an electric arc via a gaseous mix. These bulbs utilize halides such as bromides or iodides from metals combined with argon and mercury vapor to produce intense, bright light.

Metal halides have many lighting deficiencies compared to energy-efficient LED self storage unit lighting. For one, they have a lengthy warm-up period, the longest of any light bulb on the market.

Most of them will actually take fifteen to twenty minutes to attain their optimum operating temperature. This means that these lights are often kept on longer than required since they cannot be turned on and off on demand.

And while metal halides produce bright light, the average metal halide lamp has a life expectancy of 6,000 to 15,000 hours. If you integrate light control measures such as dimmers, you may adversely affect their already short lamp lives. The interesting thing is that some metal halide lamps cost almost as much as LED self storage unit lights.

Yet, despite their high cost, you will still need to spend money on replacement bulbs and maintenance as you would with other metal halides. Quality LEDs, on the other hand, have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. If they are used for 12 hours each day, they will serve effectively for 10 years or more.

Metal halide lamps also disperse their light in a multidirectional design. Light sent in all parts of self storage units (in a 360-degree arc) is not effective. A considerable chunk of this light is lost to the environment and the light is not focused.

2.      Reduce Light Pollution


  • Sky glow, which is light dispersed to the sky at night causing a glow over suburban and urban locations. It is the most recognizable result of light pollution and is estimated to cost the U.S. $5 to $10 billion annually in wasted energy costs. As urbanization takes root in the evolution of the human habitat, these costs will only go up – unless mitigated.
  • Glare, which often manifests as light directed at drivers’ eyes at night or at pedestrians as they walk past light fixtures. It is quite unfortunate that lights installed and paid for to aid better vision at night can actually cause the hindrance of it. Poorly thought out outdoor fixtures that bring about excessive contrast between dark and bright locations become a road safety hazard and cause accidents to pedestrians and vehicles as well.
  • Light trespass, which is light that illuminates neighboring properties. Since it trespasses, it is by all means unwanted. While a sky glow robs you of star-filled skies, light trespass robs you of your peace of mind and sleep. Light pollution does not just affect the human circadian rhythm, it also affects other living organisms. Scientists have reported that insects, sea turtles, and even plants are all succumbing to this excess, misdirected light.

3.      Use High-Quality Light Sources

The correlated color temperature (CCT) and the color rendering index (CRI) value of a light source dramatically impact the quality of light it produces.

Color Rendering Index - Quality of Light

CRI is a gauge of the light’s prowess in revealing the real hues of items compared to ideal light sources. The higher the CRI, the better the light quality. However, it is worth noting that some applications need lights with extremely high CRIs.

LED Color Rendering Index (CRI)

If you want to sufficiently illuminate self storage units so that the colors of the items in them are clearly visible, then high-CRI lights are an absolute necessity. Storage units hold various types of items and are not very spacious. If they are not well-lit, people will find it difficult to locate their items – and you may not get repeat business.

However, high-quality light sources with fantastic CRI values – such as LED self storage unit lights –can make things easier for the tenants. Most LEDs have CRI values of above 70 and generate light which is almost comparable to daylight. Traditional bulbs have lower CRI values, the worst being the HPS bulb that produces yellow light and gives everything a yellow hue.

4.      Use Energy-Efficient Light Sources


As the standard of living goes high and the effects of the economic recession take their due course, one survival tactic for most homeowners has been paring down in order to cope better. And as more and more people embrace living with less, they are beginning to realize that they have more possessions than they need to get by in smaller living spaces.

For this reason, storage facilities have become more popular. The modern life has also played a big role in increasing the popularity of self storage units. More and more relationships are falling apart and with separations and divorce comes the need for self storage spaces as people contemplate on their next move. Most people derive a lot of satisfaction from the knowledge that their cherished possessions are in a safe place till the time they will need them.

A self storage facility owner has the obligation to provide both safety and security in his facility to prevent the loss, damage, or theft of valued personal items. High-quality lighting goes a long way toward providing safety. However, it’s paramount that the lighting be cost-effective.

The energy efficiency of light sources – or the lack of it – can impact your bottom line. Using the same lights you’ve used for years is not an option because as newer and more user-friendly self storage facilities are built, customers will move to them – as they are better-lit and protected.

Good lighting and security go hand in hand, and it is a feature that most of your potential clients will look for before coming to a decision to rent your facility. Poorly lit facilities give off a feeling of insecurity and may drive away many would-be clients. Poor lighting is also a huge catalyst for criminal activities. Thieves and vandals are more likely to break into facilities that are not well illuminated.

In some cases, self storage facility owners have unmanned facilities to lessen running costs. Unmanned business premises are very reliant on high-quality lighting and security features. If the light system is inefficient, you may be forced to charge low rates as charging high rates makes the facility less attractive to renters.

5.      Use Light Control Features

The pairing of extra features with LED lights – such as photo controls, dimmers, or occupancy sensors – can help a storage facility to save more power. Occupancy sensors installed in shared spaces, elevator bays, or hallways can conserve power during late night hours when the traffic to and from the facility is low.

They can also help cut down power usage at different times of the month. Most managers report that human traffic is usually higher in their facilities at the end and at the beginning of the month and lower on regular days.

Sensors can be used to prevent the wastage of energy when the facility is less busy and help reveal the facility's usage trends as well. The parking lot LED fixtures can be enhanced with photo controls to ensure maximum power efficiency.

Types of Lighting Controls

Occupancy Sensors

These light control features sense human traffic in the self storage facility and automatically light up the fixtures in the vicinity. The sensors also automatically switch off or dim the lights once the users have vacated the area.

Motion Sensors

These are perfect for outdoor and security lights that only need to be on for short periods at a time. They utilize ultrasonic sensing to track movements in and around the storage space.

Photocell Light Sensors

These control features sense the natural light levels in an area and regulate the light output. They are usually paired with outdoor security lights.

Preset Controls

  • These have sliders and switches and put the light adjustment capability in your hands. You can use the preset controls or adjust them as you see fit.

With these controls in place, your facility can easily reduce energy costs by up to 75%. These intelligent sensors will track movement, ambient light, and temperature and feed this vital data to your light control system. They will help lower the cooling costs and ensure the HVAC system is more efficient. The light fixtures will enjoy a longer lifespan as well.

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