LED Solar Lights

Solar parking lot lights

LED technology is the only lighting sources efficient enough to make solar lights possible. Solar matched with LED makes for the perfect mix of efficient lighting and solar technology. With a solar LED light system, you achieve extreme energy savings not previously achievable.

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Solar LED Lights

Solar powered lights are an incredible achievement, and they are now being implemented on both small and large scales. From small parking lots to big lots, our commercial solar lights are being utilized effectively.

In addition to all of the benefits that LED brings in itself, when matched with solar panels it makes for the perfect mix. Since our LEDs are so efficient, when we matched them with solar powered LED lights we realized near net zero energy consumption from those light fixtures. These are very powerful lights, and to achieve quality lighting with near zero power consumption is possible with our LED solar panel lights.

Reduced costs

Improved safety & security

Environmental responsibility

Reducing lighting costs has become even more
practical and sustainable with our commercial LED solar park lot lamp options.

With energy savings up to 75% from a HID to LED conversion alone, the saving are tremendous. Include solar on that and the reduction is near 100% with solar lighting.

Also major saving come from longer lifespans, reduced
maintenance costs
, and rebates.
LED aids in better visitor safety through their effective light placement and quality.

Create a safer areas that is also energy efficient with solar area lot lights.

Hopefully there is a great benefit realized with LED matched with the solar aspect of these solar energy light fixtures.
Previously LEDs by themselves were a major step up in terms of environmentally friendly lighting, but with solar matched with LED; it's a whole lot better.

Not only are companies taking advantage of LED technology and all of the other benefits it offers, but when you match LED with commercial solar panel lights; you achieve a whole new level of efficiency.

With near zero power consumption, it's almost a 'no brainer on why cities and municipalities all across the country and further are converting to not only LED lights, but solar panel light fixtures.

Interested in what solar our LED solar products can do for your lighting project? Inquire using our information below about all of our solar lights for sale and let us help plan out your lighting project, no matter how small or big. Whether its for solar powered street lights residential purposes or commercial, we've got you covered too. If by chance you don't want solar, we also have non-solar LED light and retrofit solutions too!

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