LED School Lighting

LED school lighting

Schools and educational facilities from K-12 schools to college campuses require proper illumination that is suited for its students for learning and removing distractions; all while reducing operating costs and remaining within budget. Our LED educational lighting fixtures do all of the above by offering high quality light that uses less energy than other lighting technologies.

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LED Lighting for Schools

An optimal lighting system for any learning environment is one that prevents distractions associated with the light, improves mood, reduces strain on eyes, increases safety & security for students, focuses on education, and will even reduce energy consumption.

Meeting all of these was a near impossible task before, but with LED lighting for schools we are able to achieve optimal color temperatures, light output, and reduce energy consumption by up to 75% throughout the entire school facility. All of these benefits of LED lighting in schools is why more educational facilities are converting to LED school lights, from university to elementary, to inside the classrooms to outside the building.

LED Lighting for Classrooms

The most fragile and important aspects of any educational lighting system is in the classroom lighting setup. Previously, a technology such as fluorescent was the "go to" lighting technology for schools & classrooms. But these can cause serious issues as they are prone to flickering, buzzing, and contain toxic material known as mercury; which has no place in any educational facility or classroom.

So what is the best lighting for classrooms? We say its LED.

With a LED classroom lighting system, the facility will remove any mercury from their lighting system (as it is not needed in LEDs) along with prevent flickering or buzzing lights from ever entering the classroom; which can be a massive distraction to any student, teacher, and education process. Classroom lighting is by far the most critical point in schools, and with LED classroom lighting fixtures we are able to improve the learning environment for students which will help the school as a whole. Best part? We will work directly with you to ensure you are meeting all classroom lighting standards to ensure you are not only saving energy and providing good illumination in your classroom, but that you are also following any local requirements.

Reduced costs

Better learning environment

Improved safety and security

Reducing school & campus lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED educational lights.

With energy savings up to 75%, schools can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption.

Also savings with LED school lighting come from longer lifespans (2-3 times longer), reduced maintenance costs, and even rebates.
Schools #1 priority is creating an environment in which students can learn at maximum performance.

A proper campus lighting system will allow for no distractions caused by the light, illumination that is perfected for learning, and a system that produces a positive ROI for the school.

Since our LED school light fixtures will never flicker or buzz, distracting light fixtures will never occur.

In addition, we will dedicate ourselves to your school lighting project to ensure the illumination levels are crafted optimally for learning; from the outdoor lights to the classroom lighting.
Students and staff need to feel safe going to school.

In the morning when its dark to sporting events, proper illumination inside (and out) greatly deters crime, allow for better movement detection, and overall allows everyone to feel safer.

Prevent dark parking lots and under-lit areas with our well built outdoor LEDs for lots, fields, and pathways.

Best part? The savings in energy are bigger outdoors due to the high intensity they require!

Indoor Lighting for Schools

Outdoor Lighting for Schools

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