LED Savings Calculator - Calculate Energy Savings between LED vs. your old lights

Our LED Savings Calculator will allow you to calculate savings between one of our predefined LED light scenarios
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 Our ScenarioLED WattsOld Watts
Select this scenario 30W LED Retrofit Kit replacing 150W Metal Halide or HPS 30150
Select this scenario 60W LED Retrofit Kit replacing 250W Metal Halide or HPS 60250
Select this scenario 100W LED Retrofit Kit replacing 400W Metal Halide or HPS 100400
Select this scenario 320W LED Retrofit Kit replacing 1000W Metal Halide or HPS 3201000
Select this scenario 150W LED High Bay replacing 400W Hetal Halide High Bay 150400
Select this scenario 300W LED High Bay replacing 1000W Hetal Halide High Bay 3001000
Select this scenario 150W LED High Bay replacing 360W 6 tube T5 HO fluorescent 150360
Select this scenario 15W LED Tube replacing 32W T8 fluorescent tube 1532
Select this scenario 15W LED Tube replacing 40W T12 fluorescent tube 1540

How many watts will the new LED fixture consume:
How many watts does your old fixture consume?
How many lights do you want us to calculate the savings for?
How many hours a day do your lights run?
How many days a year are your lights on?
Is your light Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium,
or Fluorescent (in other words, does
it have a ballast)?

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