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Customer Testimonials

State Prison - Outdoor High Mast Lighting

"They have installed 70 so far. Results:
  • Teams can remove and install 4 LED lights, fully wired and tested, in 9 minutes or less in winter conditions.
  • Lumens on the ground exceed prior expectations. Far better operation, brilliance in foggy conditions than previous HPS
  • Maintenance teams that perform the night time snow plowing and yard repairs testify that the LEDs provide greater clarity, brightness even in fog than previous lights
  • Security personnel are very pleased with the increased clear lights/illumination throughout the central yard areas/”nooks” etc.

Their goal is to finish the project in next week and focus on the final inspection.  At the resent time, modernization provides greater lumens on the ground than FCs."

Thanks for the follow-up I can not say this any more emphatically - We love our arena lights. Thank you so much again service was great.

Diane - Horse farm owner - California

I already came in once at night to compare the light output to the 1000w HPS lamp and it’s very comparable, and more than adequate. Not sure when I will be able to install the other retrofits and wall units. I am looking forward to getting them up though. Thank you, the retrofits have a very high quality feel to them, and I was very surprised to find the wall packs have aluminum housings, very nice. Thanks again!
Fargo, ND

MyLEDLightingGuide Cost Savings Analysis:

Customer had 6 X 1000W HPS (+150W for ballast draw) = 6900W total.
Customer installed: 6X 120W (LED) Retrofit = 720W total.

Customer is saving 6180W on this single pole, with amazing results too!

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