LED Oil Refinery Lighting

LED oil refinery lights

Refineries are dangerous environments, and safety is paramount. All too often we drive by a refinery at night and see the glow of high pressure sodium lighting. High Pressure Sodium is a light of low CRI and runs around 2700K. It's a terrible light source for an environment where safety is important. If there was ever an application for a better, safer light source, LED is the best option.

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LED Lights For Oil Rigs & Refineries

Refinery Lighting

LED lighting for oil drilling refineries are enabling operations to improve safety, security, and productivity. This enables the conversion to LED from HPS or metal halide lights to pay for itself; not including other cost saving benefits that cause oil refineries to convert to LED.

Other cost saving benefits of LED oil rig lighting include energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better security.

Reduced costs

Increased oil rig safety

Improved security

Reducing industrial refinery lighting costs becomes
practical and sustainable with our LED oil rig lighting products.

With energy savings up to 75%, you can
reduce a tremendous amount of
energy consumption.

Also save with longer lifespans, reduced
maintenance costs
, and rebates.
HPS or metal halide oil rig lights produce a lot of heat. In environments like an oil refinery, heat can cause potential safety issues around gas and fumes; even if the light is fitted with the right classification to meet standards. With LED, they produce less heat; preventing this issue.

Additionally, increased quality of light improves visibility, which reduces accidents. This is critical at any refinery, and it's why we work with you to match the perfect light output & color temperature at your oil production plant.
Security at a refinery can be extensive, especially with large oil rig & oilfield locations.

To combat security issues found at oil rigs, our LED oil refinery lighting solutions offer quality illumination that not only improve safety, but also security efforts.

Wondering how refinery LED explosion lights are creating safer and more secure environments? Ask us!

Lighting Products Found at Oil Refineries

It is important that lighting products found at industrial oil refinery and oil rigs are designed with certain classifications to meet safety standards. Commonly, we refer to the lighting found at refineries as hazardous location lighting or explosion proof lighting. These lights have different classifications such as class 1 division (div) 1, class 1 div 2, and so on. Different lighting classifications are required for different circumstances, so we always recommend you work with a professional when choosing which hazardous lighting classifications are right for your needs.

Not sure which oil rig lighting option you need? Contact us and one of our industrial hazardous lighting professionals will help guide you to what you need that will meet all safety standards for your conditions at an oil refining operation offshore, onshore, or a rig.

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