LED Public Park Lighting

Discover how our Public Park Lighting can reduce costs, improve visibility, and increase public safety...

LED public park lighting

Public areas such as parks need to maintain a good illumination level at night to prevent crime and increase safety. In addition, an LED public or parking light system will improve the usability and aesthetics of the area.

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LED Lights For Parks & Public Areas

Parks and public areas are a great common area place for the public to visit. With parks though comes the need for proper lighting during the night, which is where LED fits perfectly.

Commonly in parks and public areas, in the city or not, you will find metal halide or HPS lights. While these work, they output less quality light, have much shorter lifespans, and are much less efficient when compared to LED. For these reasons, many public parks and areas are converting to LED solutions and realizing major savings and a reduction in potential crime.

Reduced costs

Lights for parks becomes much more sustainable and practical when converted over to our LED solutions. LED offers energy savings up to 75% vs metal halide or HPS lights, which allows a tremendous reduction in municipal energy consumption. Public parks are also saving a lot with longer lifespans (2-3+ lifespan increase), reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Improved public safety

Public and private parks need to maintain a neutral area for all visitors, and this starts will ensuring crime is not an issue. With other lighting technologies, under-lit and improperly lit areas are common; allowing for more potential hazardous.  With LED public park lighting, the improved quality of light meets your design standards and allows for more visibility and hopefully; less crime and accidents.

Reduced light pollution

Previously with HID lights, they would require reflectors to get the light to go where desired. But even this wasn't 100% effective, leading to intense light pollution. Due to LEDs being a directional light sources, they allow parks to put light exactly where it needs to go. So whether the park is located in a big city or small town, a reduction in light pollution with quality LED public lighting is always beneficial for everyone.


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