LED Power Plant Lighting

Power Plant Lighting at Night

Power plants face a tough task of maintaining safety while decreasing operating costs. With LED power plant lighting solutions, you can achieve explosion proof lights that are safe for nuclear power plants and will reduce energy consumption.

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LED Lights For Power Plants

Power plants are considered a critical environment, and must follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of its workers and the building.

Power plants and nuclear power plants can be hot and humid environments. Using high temperature LED flood lights and LED High Bays to withstand the hot environments associated with power generation is important to keep the light on on the power generation floors.

Power plants can be hot environments. You need products that can withstand high temperatures that are generated inside. Check out our high temperature rated high bays below.

Reduced costs

Maintain & improve safety

Improved visibility

Reducing power plant lighting costs while maintaining fixture quality is now possible with LED.

With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption.

Also major saving occur with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.
Safety and security are important above all else in a power plant.

With qualified fixtures and technology, our vapor proof power plant light products are sure to pass required tests for safety.

On top of that, they will keep out any fumes or gases that may lead to less-than-optimal situations.
Visibility at a power plant is crucial to avoid mistakes and accidents.

LED is known for their ability to output high amounts of light as well as less depreciation of light output over its lifespan.

All of this allows for proper lighting levels in your power plant for longer, maintaining safe visibility.

Indoor Power Plant Lights

Inside a power plant a lot is going on, and lighting levels need to produce high contrast for greatest visibility. For this reason, LEDs are a great way to improve contrast and visibility to avoid mistakes in the power plant.

In addition to the increase in visibility due to the lack of any natural light outsides, indoors lights can be especially susceptible to high heat. Our high temperature power plant fixtures are tested and rated to pass tests, allowing for a safe lighting system inside a power plant.

Outdoor Power Plant Lights

Outside a power plant can require a lot of lighting too, and with this comes downfalls. For example, a lot of non-directional lighting technology (e.g HPS, metal halide, etc) produce a lot of light loss. In turn, a lot of light goes to waste and doesn't go where it is needed. Instead, it adds to light pollution all while wasting light, and that means wasted dollars for your power plant.

In addition, lighting for your parking lot is a majorly overlooked aspect and it is important to have enough light where employees and visitors walk for better safety and security. All of which is improved with our high quality LED fixtures that improve light levels anywhere you need light.


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