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The rugged LED parking garage lighting fixtures from MyLEDLightingGuide reduce energy consumption up to 75%, provide uniform light and improve safety.

LED parking garage lighting

Commercially owned and operated parking garages and parking facilities are prime candidates for LED parking garage lighting upgrades. All to often these spaces have lighting that is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing old technology like fluorescent lights, metal halide and halogens. And all too often the areas are dimly lit and unsafe, while costing the owners of these spaces more than what they need to spend because of the inefficiencies of the existing industrial garage lighting systems.

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LED Lights For Parking Garages

Creating a secure and safe environment is paramount in parking garages. With LED parking garage light fixtures, turning on and off a LED is instantaneous. Dimming them and bringing them to full power is also quick. So being able to turn off a light or partially turn off a light when no one is around will save you money, having the light strike to full power almost instantly will create a safe and secure environment for your customers. This also enables you to optionally install motion sensors, which will turn lights on only when there is presence.

LED parking garage light conversion

Low quality light can also play a big role in a bad parking garage lighting system. Light sources such as High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and fluorescent lighting offer poorer quality of light than LED. And with higher quality of light comes better appearance for your customers, along with an even greater sense of security.

In addition to the added security that LED parking garage lights offer vs the other lighting technologies, they also bring many other benefits that are making it an easy choice to convert.

These benefits include things like energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better security for your visitors and property.

Reduced costs

Reducing parking garage lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our energy efficient LED parking garage lighting solutions. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also save with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Better experience

Parking garages aren't places where people go to have fun, but they do remember how their experience was. Lighting can play a big role in the experience; from driving, parking, and walking through the garage. If poor lighting is present, it can cause a poor experience which can lead to unhappy visitors. Parking garage LED lights are combating this by providing high quality illumination that makes the experience better.

Increased safety & security

If you have under-lit areas, lights that flicker & buzz, or lights that burn out easily: it can put a damper on safety & security efforts. And if people don't feel safe in your parking garage, it will be hard to get them back. By converting to LED parking garage fixtures, you remove buzzing & flickering lights, get rid of under-lit areas; all of which leads to a safer garage.

Commercial Parking Garage Lighting Products

Most commonly in parking garages we find canopy lights, high bay garage lights & low bays, or led tubes for the ceiling. All solutions have their reasoning behind them for usage, but it mainly depends on the parking garages design and layout. Another option is to use a LED parking garage lighting retrofit (canopy retrofit), which allows you to keep your existing fixtures but replace them with LED luminaries.

This is a great option for reducing conversion costs, and a viable one if your existing fixtures are in good shape. It is also important to obtain fixtures that lock out dust and moisture to maintain the lighting systems rated 50,000 to 100,000 hour lifespan, great for outdoor garages.

Not sure which energy efficient LED parking garage light fixture is best for your needs? Contact us and one of our lighting professionals will help you figure out which luminaire is best.


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