Commercial LED Office Lighting

Replace your old lighting fixtures with our high quality LED office lighting options. Enjoy energy savings of 75%+ with LED lights. Ready to ship today!

Improving office productivity and reducing office energy costs starts and ends with LED office lights. Our LED office luminaries allow office spaces to replace existing lights with new fixtures or retrofits with LED lighting for office space's and start gaining all of the benefits LED offers.

One Source LED Solution for Office Buildings

LED office lighting

Previously, most commonly found in office ceiling lights is fluorescent technology. Today, commercial offices are picking up speed with popularity of the better and improving LED office ceiling light fixtures. The reason why office LED lighting systems are becoming the preferred system to go to is behind all of the benefits that LEDs offer to an office environment.

To summarize the benefits of LED office lighting fixtures is: improved lighting quality, exact color temperature requirements, longer lifespans, improved productivity, and energy savings up to 75%. These are the most popular direct benefits of office LED lighting fixtures.

To reduce costs & save even further, we recommend LED office lighting retrofit kits. These office lighting retrofit kits allow offices to keep existing office ceiling lighting fixtures but replace the luminaire with LED. These LED office lighting retrofit kits are a cheaper way to convert to LED in the office all while still gaining all of the benefits LED offers.

1. Reduced Operational and Maintenance Costs

Reducing office lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with efficient LED commercial office lighting fixtures. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption with office lighting LEDs. Major savings also come along with office LED lamps, which include longer lifespans and reduced
maintenance costs

2. Improved productivity

LED office lighting enable an improved working environment to exist in the workplace. Lighting systems that flicker, buzz, or provide low quality light distract workers and work output, reducing productivity. By converting to LED office light fixtures, companies can indirectly improve productivity and output simply by offering this high quality office luminaire not otherwise accessible with virtually any other office lighting technology.

3. Increased safety

Not only is it important to have quality indoor LED office ceiling lighting, but it's also important to consider outdoor office lights. Outside of an office typically includes the entrance, walkways, and most importantly; the parking lot. Dark parking lots can cause hazardous, and a properly illuminated one with LEDs will prevent many potential hazardous. In addition, the energy savings is significant in outdoor fixtures as well, allowing for greater energy savings.

Office LED Ceiling Lights

Most lighting within an office comes from the office ceiling lights, making it the biggest lighting factor within an office facility. For these reasons, we ensure our efficient office LED ceiling lights, office ceiling panels, and office ceiling recessed lighting products are ones that are of highest quality, allowing for an offices biggest light contributor to be one that outputs quality lighting with LED office ceiling lights. Commercial office lighting is critical to get right, and we are dedicated to help customize your LED office lighting system to your requirements, all of which will meet proper office lighting standards and regulations.

Use our contact info below to get in contact with one of our LED office building lighting professionals which will answer all of your questions and work with you directly to properly illuminate your office with our indoor LED office ceiling lighting & outdoor lighting solutions & products at the best cost.


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