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Military Base Lighting

LED Lights provide powerful security and general lighting for military bases
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LED Lights for Military Bases


Shop for LED lights designed to meet the special needs of military bases. Whether its high mast or perimeter security lighting, general area lighting, parking lot lights, office lighting or large hangars, we literally have you covered. We offer high power, high quality LED solutions that can be installed inside and on a military base.

And we have a strong track record working with many military bases in the United States and Caribbean. Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 6JP16

Shop LED Outdoor Fixtures for Military Bases

Airforce Hangar - Before Conversion to LED

Airforce Hangar - After Conversion to LED

Military LED Area Lighting

LED is ideal for large areas such as motor pools, parking lots and large outdoor training areas. We can provide high power solutions with optimal color rendering that provide uniform, evenly distributed light that allows you to run a 24X7 operation. 

MyLEDLightingGuide offers unique solutions, including high mast, shoe box and flood light lighting that allows high design flexibility. We have numerous customizable options that can be adopted to almost any area.

LED Roadway Lighting

Good LED roadway lighting should assist base personnel and residents as they travel to their work and home safely. The lighting should provide good footcandles to highlight people and obstacles by the road.

Gone are the days of frequent lane closures from re-lamping and maintenance of HID street lighting sources. With the proper design, a roadway can take advantage in our powerful and bright LED roadway lights that will brighten and roadway or path.

LED Base Perimeter and Security Lighting

Perimeter and Security Lighting is probably the most important aspect of all lighting on a military base.

Military Base Perimeter and Security benefit from powerful flood lights that can distribute light over large areas  uniformly. They need to be able to illuminate building facades, walls, fences and large open areas. LED lighting with built-in controls allow lights to come alive when motion is detected and dim when the area is vacant.

Military base security is paramount, and our powerful led flood lights with narrow or wide beam optics will provide the necessary solutions to enhance your security. We can provide LED that can replace 


LED Interior Hangar and Warehouse Lighting

Large interior spaces need to be properly lit. Whether its an indoor hangar where aircraft is worked on, service bay, gymnasium or large warehouse, led lights play an important role in completing the total light package on a military base. We can offer high power, high voltage, high temperature or hazardous location solutions to fill every need and satisfy almost any requirement. 

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