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Metal Halide LED Replacement Kits for Sale

Our Commercial and Industrial metal halide LED replacement fixtures are designed perfectly for Metal Halide to LED conversions in over 99% of existing metal halide light fixtures. Our DLC Premium Qualified LED replacement fixtures allow for maximum rebate eligibility which reduces your costs further. Additionally, feel secure with our units which are backed by a 10 year warranty. Retro-fitting your existing fixture is far more cost effective than full replacement! All of our LED metal halide replacement retrofit kits have the potential to reduce your energy consumption by up to 75% by converting along with the other benefits they will bring along too.

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We have 1000's of units in stock in the USA ready to ship today!

LED Replacement for Metal Halide FAQ's

Q. Can you retrofit all Metal Halide fixtures with LED retrofit kits?
A. Not all, but most. There has to be enough room in the fixture to install our LED heads and drivers. We have kits designed for high bays, canopy lights, wall packs, shoe-boxes and high masts.
If you are unsure, just call our metal halide to LED conversion lighting professionals at (888) 423-3191 and we will help you figure it out.

Q. How big are your metal halide LED retrofit kits?
A. The 30, 45 and 60W retrofit mini heads are 4.6" L x 4.6" W x 1.9" H, about the size of the PAR 38. The 75W, 105W and 120W heads are 6.8" L x 4.9" W x 1.5" H. The 150W and 200W are 8.6" L x 5.7" W x 1.4" H. The 280, 320 and 350W heads are 11.6" L x 9.0" W x 2.3" H.

Q. How much energy can I expect to save after I buy?
A. We would expect at a minimum 70% and higher energy savings, depending on the replacement model.

Q. What can each of your retrofit kits replace in terms of existing Metal Halide lamps?
A. We can replace everything from 100W to 1000W lights. This makes our metal halide to LED retrofit lighting options the best LED replacement for metal halide bulbs.

Q. If your 100W LED kit
replaces 400W Metal Halide, then how can you replace 1000 Watts Metal Halide?
A. We have a 280W, 320W and 350W LED metal halide direct replacement retrofit kits that produces over 50,000 lumens. And you won't need a special plate made to fit your fixture. There is no need to send your fixtures to us. Converting your lighting to LED is simple and easy with our metal halide LED retrofit kits.

Q. So what is all included in a MH to LED retrofit kit?
A. Our replacement retrofit kits contain a LED head, a driver, and multiple adapters. This is typically no more difficult than a bulb or ballast replacement. Our LED retrofit lamps for metal halide fixtures do not include a socket adapter. We don't think they are safe. Our metal halide LED retrofit kits are light weight but still heavier than the bulb the sockets were meant to hold. Given time, the sockets will fail. We highly recommend you stay away from metal halide LED retrofit kits that use a socket adapter as it's not a long term solution.

Q. What if I don't want to retrofit and want new fixtures?
A. No problem. We have a full line of commercial high bays, canopies, wall packs, flood lights, explosion proof Lights, high mast lights and street lights. So we can retrofit your existing fixture or supply new LED fixtures. When you browse our website, you will find both new fixtures and retrofit kits - and we can help you determine which option is best before you buy. Not sure whether to retrofit or fully replace? Read the new FAQ.

Q. Why would I retrofit versus buy a new fixture?
A. Typically purchasing a retrofit kit is cheaper than a new fixture for the typical metal halide to LED conversion. There are times where there are specific fixtures that just need to be used in their existing setting. There are times companies want to replace their old fixtures. There is no right or wrong answer here as it can depend on the facilities personal circumstances. If you like your fixtures and are tired of hearing that you have to replace them to move over to LED, let us show you that is not your only option and that a metal halide LED retrofit kit will be a great option for you.

Also, we often talk about the benefits of retrofitting and the related on our blog. Be sure to check out our posts on retrofits!

Q. Is there a maximum number of heads we could use in a Metal Halide retrofit?
A. No. The size of the fixture is the physical limitation. We have to keep the metal halide LED retrofit kits cool, so as long as your fixture is able to support a LED retrofit kit head and its cooling needs, and there is physical room to install everything, it can be retrofitted. But that being said, our retrofit kits are powerful enough that one kit should be more than enough to retrofit your existing fixtures. Unlike some competitive product whose solution is to create custom plates with multiple heads, our 11 models can replace from 100 to 1000+ watts metal halide.

Q. Are there any types of fixtures you cannot retrofit?
A. Yes. UL/ETL Listed Explosion Proof fixtures. Actually, they can be retrofitted, but the fixture has to be re-tested with the new LED components to maintain its explosion proof rating. Thankfully, we are experienced in explosion proof retrofitting and can help with this.

Q. Will a normal fixture lose it's UL or ETL certification after it is retrofitted?
A. It shouldn't, as long as you follow all the instructions associated with the product. These kits are listed under the UL1598C standard, which is a retrofit standard. UL and ETL understand that the purpose of these kits is to retrofit the existing fixture.

Q. How long do your LED Retrofit Lamps last?
A. They are rated for 100,000 (L70) hours of use, in normal operating conditions. This is approximately 2-3 times longer than metal halide, HPS, or other similar lighting technologies; making these a great LED replacement for metal halide lights.

Q. What voltages do you have available?
A. We offer 2 power supply options. One for 100-277V and one for 480V. There is a slight up-charge for the 480V drivers. We can also supply step down transformers to convert higher voltage down to 277V.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. Our LED metal halide replacement kits are ALL warrantied for up to 10 years, the drivers are warrantied for 5 years. This allows you to feel secure while converting metal halide to LED.

Q. What is the difference between DLC Standard Qualified and DLC Premium Qualified?
A. In a nutshell, it is about efficiency. DLC Premium Qualified is only for high efficiency LED products. This means that these lights are typically brighter and use less energy. For example, a LED Light at 150 lumens/watt creates 15,000 lumens at 100 watts consumed. A LED light at 97 lumens/watt only creates 9700 lumens using the same 100 watts. Or if you want to look at it another way, you would only need 64 watts to produce the same 9700 lumens as the other less efficient product which requires 100 watts.

Q. Do you offer large quantity discounts?
A. Yes. Talk to us about your needs and give us the opportunity to quote you on both retrofitting existing lights as well as other new LED fixtures. If you are an electrical contractor or facility manager, give us a call at (888) 423-3191.

Q. Is retrofitting cheaper than replacing?
A. Yes, a LED retrofit for metal halide is (typically) cheaper than a full fixture replacement. Fixtures are expensive, and if you have a large investment in your fixtures, then why not keep them? If your fixtures are in good condition, why not re-use them? And one thing we heard back on several occasions from our customers, disposing of fixtures was more expensive than they thought it would be.

Q. Are your kits a good LED replacement bulbs for metal halide fixtures?
A. They are a great LED replacement for not only metal halide lights but also work as a great high pressure sodium to LED conversion as well as fluorescent and other industrial lighting technologies. Typically, as long as the kit fits (which we can help you determine), our LED retrofits will replace virtually any luminaire.

Q. What's the best way to inquire about your retrofit kit options?
A. You can contact us or call directly at (888) 423-3191. We will guide you through anything you need to know about retrofitting to LED and even help you through the entire process, step by step.


Replacing Metal Halide and HPS Retrofit Installation Guide

Retrofit LED Instructions

 Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Conversion Guide

Here we cover the optimal equivalent replacement when converting to LED replacement bulbs for metal halide fixtures:

70W Metal Halide
35W LED Retrofit Kit - 70 Watt LED replacement bulb
100W Metal Halide
35W LED Retrofit Kit - 100 Watt LED replacement bulb
150W Metal Halide
35W LED Retrofit Kit - 150 Watt LED replacement bulb
175W Metal Halide
45W LED Retrofit Kit - 175 Watt LED replacement bulb
200W Metal Halide
45W LED Retrofit Kit - 200 Watt LED replacement bulb
250W Metal Halide
60W LED Retrofit Kit - 250 Watt LED replacement bulb
250W Metal Halide
75W LED Retrofit Kit - 250 Watt LED replacement bulb
400W Metal Halide
100W LED Retrofit Kit - 400 Watt LED replacement bulb
400W Metal Halide
100W LED Retrofit Kit - 400 Watt LED replacement bulb
400W Metal Halide
120W LED Retrofit Kit - 400 Watt LED replacement bulb
400W Metal Halide
150W LED Retrofit Kit - 400 Watt LED replacement bulb
750W Metal Halide
200W LED Retrofit Kit - 750 Watt LED replacement bulb
1000W Metal Halide
280W LED Retrofit Kit - 1000 Watt LED replacement bulb
1000W Metal Halide
320W LED Retrofit Kit - 1000 Watt LED replacement bulb
1000W Metal Halide
350W LED Retrofit Kit - 1000 Watt LED replacement bulb

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We have 1000's of units in stock in the USA ready to ship today!

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