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LED Wall Packs - Dusk to Dawn Exterior Lighting

LED Wall Pack Lights for outdoor area and security lighting.

Our outdoor Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights are designed to replace 100W to 400W Metal Halide and HPS Commercial Wall Pack Lighting. 

LED outdoor wall packs are designed for commercial and industrial areas to light up building exteriors. Dusk to dawn LED wall packs with photocell and/or motion sensor are used for security lighting for office areas, businesses and warehouses to automatically light up when motion is detected, and turns on when the sun sets. 

We offer full flood and full cutoff wall pack options. Many of our outdoor LED Wall Packs are DLC Qualified for utility rebate eligibility. We can even supply High Voltage solutions up to 480V.

Our LED Wall Packs and Wall Pack lighting is easy to install providing bright and long lasting outdoor and security lighting business need. 1000's of LED Products in stock!