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Commercial LED Street Lights for Sale

Learn more about the roadway LED street lights from MyLEDLightingGuide that are designed to improve roadway safety while reducing energy consumption up to 75%.

LED technology on the roadway improves driver safety, reduces light pollution, and reduces operating costs. This combination provides a win-win for any commercial street lighting system looking to convert to LED.

Commercial Street Light LED Lights

LED street lights

Our outdoor street LED lights are an incredible achievement, and cities, towns, and municipalities are gaining the benefit that our LED street light fixture are offering. From small residential streets to highways, our all in one LED street lighting products are being utilized in a way that is improving light output, quality, all while reducing costs.

Since LED brings benefits to any application it is applied to, it is only multiplied when installed at a large scale like the size of a roadway or even for outdoor LED highway lights. By converting to LEDs on the road or highway; local governments will gain the benefits listed on this page.

Reduced costs

Reducing commercial street lighting costs has become even more practical and sustainable with our LED street lamp options. With energy savings up to 75% from a HID to LED conversion alone, the saving are tremendous. By converting existing city streetlights to LED, these energy savings add up quickly. Also major saving from our  street LED light options include longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Driver safety

Outdoor LED roadway lighting systems are playing a big role in driver safety. Creating a safe roadway that is also energy efficient with our commercial street light LED products is now possible. This is done through proper color temperatures, accurate footprints, and a decrease in lumen depreciation which results in under-lit areas on the road with other street light technologies - all possible with the flexibility that LED bulbs for street lights offers.

Reduced light pollution

LED street lighting systems make sense for another big reason: LEDs are directional, and why you have a lot of light fixtures like you do on a typical roadway; having a directional street luminaire will reduce the light pollution that occurs. This is great for local municipalities that are conscious of the environment and wish to keep light pollution to a minimum and meet any local requirements.

New LED Street Light Retrofits

Is retrofitting a good option for your outdoor street lighting project? Well, it depends. We offer LED street light retrofits lamps as they are typically cheaper to purchase, cheaper to install; and still give near the same results as a full street light fixture replacement does. Typically a LED pole light retrofit will be a perfect fit unless your old fixtures are old or not a desirable look. Best part? Our retrofits are just as qualified from the DLC and also the same as our UL LED street light options. If you need help deciding, be sure to contact us and let one of our LED street light retrofit experts help.

LED Street Light Fixtures

The type of fixture most commonly found for a street lighting application is known as a cobra head. These LED street light heads are what you probably see when looking at a street light, and they are perfectly designed for roadways. Our cobra LED street light fixtures offer great thermal management to maintain cool operating temperatures, prolonging the fixtures lifespan. We've specially crafted our cobra head LEDs to work perfectly in any application on the roadway.

From highway to residential streets, our Cobra-Head street light options will fit. Not sure which fixture you need? One of our lighting professionals will help you choose the best LED street light fittings for your project.