Commercial LED Shoebox Lights

We stock 100's of LED Shoebox fixtures in the USA - QUICK SHIP available. Replace 100W to 1000W HID easily. Factory Direct Pricing and Free Shipping available - call us today for a quote. (888) 423-3191.

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Our LED Shoebox Fixtures are designed to replace 100W to 1000W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium shoebox lights in parking lots and other public areas. Many of our LED shoebox lighting solutions are DLC Qualified for utility rebate eligibility.

Shoe box lighting is an effective way to illuminate large parking areas with ease. Fixture placement, along with the right optics, can lead to a widespread scope of lighting that is powerful and effective. With our collection of LED shoe box light fixtures, find the perfect way to illuminate parking lots of any size!  Ask us for a free photometric evaluation.

LED Shoebox Fixtures
LED Shoebox
LED Shoebox Lighting
LED Shoebox Lights
Replace 400W
Replace 250-400W
Replace 1000W
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