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Commercial LED Pole Lights for Sale

MyLEDLightingGuide's LED Pole Lights are designed for parking lots, street lights and pole-mounted solutions. Fixtures and retrofit kits are available and designed to save up to 75% on your energy bill. Available to ship today!

Pole lights are found in a variety of places such as parking lots, parking garages, service stations, and many more. Our outdoor LED pole lights offer quality illumination in these types of applications along with major savings in energy consumption and more. We offer lights to replace 250W to 2000W HID, new and retrofit solutions.

LED Pole Light Fixtures

LED Pole lighting fixtures

Our commercial LED pole lights solutions exceed the alternative pole lighting technologies in virtually every way. Our LED light pole fixtures offer quality light output, creating perfected lighting footprints.

In addition, the energy savings LED pole lights bring upon installation is by far the number one reason businesses and facilities are converting to our LED pole lighting fixtures.

As a result, this improvement of light quality and tremendous energy savings allows for the perfect outcome where pole lights are typically used. Higher quality light allows for an increase in curb appeal, improving your business and how it is perceived by the public. This increase in light quality matched with the energy efficient LED pole lamps will offer (and the other cost savers we cover below) make our pole lights LED a high ROI investment in virtually every way.

Decreased costs

Decreasing your pole lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our LED pole light heads. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Our solar post lighting solutions reduce power consumption to near-zero levels. LEDs also offer great saving with their longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Improved outdoor curb appeal

Curb appeal is crucial to maintain for virtually any business, whether it be a brick and mortar store or even an office. Our outdoor LED pole light fixtures will ensure high quality light is the only light that illuminated on and around your facility. Talk to one of our commercial LED pole light specialists and they will help you with finding the best LED pole lights for your needs.

Improved safety

Your current post lighting system may consist of metal halide, HPS, or even sodium lighting technology. These technologies are known to output low quality light, flicker and buzz, and cause potential dark areas due to lumen depreciation. By converting your existing outdoor poles to LED light pole heads, you will avoid all of these issues, prevent dark areas, and all of which improves safety for customers, visitors, and employees.
LED Area Light Chart

Our outdoor LED pole lights reduce the power consumption of 50% (all the way up to 75%). This is by far the #1 reason companies are converting to LED in their post lights, not including all of the other benefits LED offer.

Pole Light Retrofit Kits

LED pole lamps are rugged fixtures that are suitable for many outdoor applications. By default, we always suggest retrofitting your existing post lights with LED kits. In turn, this allows to obtain saving from 15% to 30%, depending on the project. This is a significant savings, and unless you need new fixtures due to them falling apart, not the style you want, or something else; a lamp retrofit kit makes perfect sense. In addition, beyond popular belief; retrofit kits offer the same upside in terms of the benefits of LED technology that a brand new LED post light would.

In general: if your fixtures are in good shape and you wouldn't mind keeping them, we almost always suggest you choose to a pole light retrofit kit in your pole lighting fixtures vs an entirely new fixture. Not sure which to choose? Talk with one of our post lighting professionals to help figure out which may be best for you.

We offer various types of outdoor LED pole lighting products (from your standard LED poles to LED decorative pole lights), all of which are best suited for different applications at competitive prices. We list them all below, along with our contact information.