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LED Pole Top Lights

Replace 400W and 1000W HID. Free Photometric Evaluations Available.
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LED Pole Lights

Shop for LED Pole top lights to replace 250W - 1000W HID. Free photometric studies takes the risk out of purchasing....

MyLEDLightingGuide's LED Pole Lights are designed for parking lots and street lighting. Fixtures and retrofit kits are available and designed to save up to 75% on your energy bill.  Available to ship today!

Outdoor LED pole lights offer high quality light along with savings in energy. We offer lights to replace 250W to 2000W HID, new and retrofit solutions.

LED Pole Top Lights

Outdoor lighting is essential for safety. At the end of the day, once the sun goes down, outdoor lights start working to keep life moving. It takes massive amounts of energy to run the 100+ million outdoor lights in the USA. Annually, outdoor lighting consumes over $10 billion in electricity costs. To put it in perspective, this massive amount of electricity can power at least 6 million U.S. homes each year.

By the World Bank’s estimates, over 5 billion people will live in cities by the year 2050. This is at least 60% of the world's population. The IEA also estimates that by 2030, the demand placed on lighting will be 80% higher than in 2005.

The Need for Energy Efficient LED Pole Lights

Outdoor lights, which include pole top lights, support the growth of world economies. They are responsible for increased economic activity at night as they illuminate areas of business. They are predominantly found lighting up parking lots of commercial and private locations. Cities use them to light up play grounds, parks and pathways.

Studies show that adequate outdoor lighting can cut down crime by 20%. The lights can also reduce traffic accidents by at least 35%.

While we cannot do without lighting, you can use more eco-friendly sources of light. Advances in lighting technology have brought about the LED pole top light. They provide gives better light than traditional HID pole top lights. A LED light will also light up an outdoor space for 75% less energy than HID bulbs.


Benefits of Pole Top LED Lights


Public Park Lighting

  • Besides making the outdoors safer, LED lights also prevent nighttime car accidents. The lights make it much easier for drivers to detect danger by increasing visibility.
  • The National Safety Council says that driving at night is 3X more dangerous than daytime driving.
  • This is particularly the case for pedestrians. Fatalities involving people on foot occur more at night. With light produced by LEDs, pathways and parking lots will be safer for clients and employees.
  • Because lighting makes people feel safer, it does enhance night time economic activity. Restaurants and shopping malls will stay open for longer. Customers will feel safer walking into the facilities at night.
  • As they age, your LED pole top lights will gradually dim. These lights consist of many LED chips, meaning that if a few of these fail, the rest will still produce light. HID bulbs go through a process known as cycling. They flicker on and off before burning out. Once this happens, your outdoor space will be dark and unsafe. With LED lights, you will never have unlit areas in your parking lot.
  • HPS bulbs produce monochromatic light. The color distortion is very difficult for the human eye to deal with. Colors take on an unnatural appearance. The color rendering indexes of these lights are very low: between 20 and 25. LED pole top lights have high color rendering indexes, 70 and above. They display colors the same way as the sun on a bright cloudless day. They enhance visibility and make an outdoor space more attractive to the users.


Parking Lot Lighting

  • A typical HPS bulb can last about 20,000 hours. Metal halide bulbs have shorter life expectancies, between 12,000 and 20,000 hours. LED lights can last for more than 50,000 hours, which translates to years of use. With short lifespans, maintenance and relamping can amount to big expenses every year. Electrician charges and lift trucks are not cheap.
  • More HPS pole top lights are being retrofitted with energy-efficient LED lights. The familiar orange-yellow glow is being replaced with bright, focused white light and lower life-cycle costs.
  • HID pole top lights tend to focus most of their light at the base of the poles. They give the parking lots and pathways dark spots. LED lights do not create shadows and dark spots because of their uniform, direct light.
  • All HID bulbs have toxic mercury in them that makes their disposal process complex. LED lights are recyclable and have a long lamp life. They do not contain toxic elements, so they will not be a disposal hazard.
  • A LED light produces very minute amounts of infrared energy. HID lights generate a lot of heat. This dramatic energy loss greatly contributes to a HID bulb's inefficiency. Light fixtures are meant to produce light and not heat.
  • The LED pole top light is a very efficient light, and its efficacy can be as high as 180 lumens per watt. LED lights are directional so the light goes where its needed. HID bulbs are extremely inefficient compared to LED.

Cost Effective

Outdoor Lighting

  • These light fixtures also have ballasts that at times fail and need replacement. All these costs can quickly add up, seriously affecting a company’s bottom line. However, LED pole top lights can cut down these costs by 100%. They can light up an outdoor space for more 10+ years before they need to be replaced.
  • LED lights work well in areas that have extreme temperature variations. A LED pole top light, for instance, functions well in cold temperatures. LEDs also turn on instantly despite the weather. HID bulbs require extensive warm up and restrike times. As HID pole top lights get to the end of their life, they tend to shift color or flicker. LED pole top lights do not flicker, and their light remains steady throughout. They also do not change color as they age as HID bulbs. The light output of LED lights can be dimmed up to 0.5%. Their light output can lower through the modulation of the pulse duration or by reducing their forward current. This makes them very ideal for light control integration.
  • With HID pole top lights, you have to use magnetic or electric ballasts to enable dimming. And even then, this might affect the light's characteristics. For older bulbs, attempts at dimming can also cause the bulbs to fail. The continuous dimming of HPS bulbs can permanently diminish output from 100% to 30%.
  • A LED pole top light will emit light in a 180-degree direction. The light will only target the desired area, which makes it a very efficient outdoor light. This attribute also helps reduce light pollution. HID bulbs emit light in 360 degrees – in all directions. Because of this, they need reflectors that refocus the light to the target areas. They will also cause a lot of light pollution due to the stray light they emit.

LED Area Light Chart

Our outdoor LED pole lights reduce the power consumption of 60% to 80% or more. This is by far the #1 reason companies are converting to LED.

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