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LED HID Retrofit Kits

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LED HID Retrofit Kits convert Metal Halide and HPS Fixtures

Shop for LED Retrofit Kits - make it EASY to replace Metal Halide and HPS in your existing fixture. 1000's of retrofits in stock in the USA!

MyLEDLightingGuide LED Retrofit Kits for HID and Metal Halide are engineered to convert your existing Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fixtures over to energy saving LED technology. You keep your fixture and replace the bulb and ballast with a new LED Head and LED Driver. Simple, quick, fast, economical - and you get to re-use the investment in your fixtures you've already paid for.

All of MyLEDLightingGuide's Commercial LED Retrofits are made to last and are backed with a 10 year warranty. 

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LED Retrofit Kit for HID FAQ

1. What is a LED retrofit kit for HID Fixtures?

A LED Retrofit Kit for HID is a head, driver and mounting arm to replace a HID (Metal Halide or HPS) bulb and ballast made so you keep your original fixture. It is the process of upgrading your lighting system with a new LED light source all while maintaining the integrity of your existing fixture itself.

2. Is it difficult to install an LED Retrofit Kit?

It can depend. To someone who has no knowledge about lighting fixtures and electrical wiring, then yes this will seem like a difficult task. On the other hand for someone who is a professional like an electrician, this is not a difficult task at all.

The process, in theory, is simple because it consists of (for the most part) replacement of all the existing lamps, ballasts, sockets, and brackets with a LED conversion kit. The reflector should be removed as well. The kit bolts to the fixture using the same mounting holes used to attach the socket that was removed. It is always recommended to bring in a licensed electrician if you can to ensure it is done right and to safety standards.

3. Will a normal fixture lose its UL or ETL certification after it is retro fitted with LED?

It should not, as long as you follow all the instructions associated with the product. Our products are listed under the UL1598C retrofit standard, which is a bulb replacement standard. UL and ETL understand that the purpose of our lights are to convert the existing fixture to LED, replacing the ballast with the driver and the bulb with the LED Head. Part of the certification process of our retrofit kits include testing the product inside an old fixture, to ensure the components work properly and safely.

4. Why would you retrofit versus buy a new fixture?

There are times where there are specific fixtures that just need to be used in their existing setting. There are times companies want to replace their old fixtures. There is no right or wrong answer here as it can depend on the facilities personal circumstances. Some governments have code that require new standards are complied when fixtures are replaced. However, if bulbs and ballast are replaced but the fixture is kept, then these lights are grand fathered in and therefore not subject to the expensive costs of bringing the fixtures up to code. If you like your fixtures and are tired of hearing that you have to replace them to move over to LED, let us show you that is not your only option and that a retro fit unit will be a great option for you.

5. How much energy can I expect to save?

You should expect at a minimum 70% and possibly higher energy savings, depending on the what you are replacing and what LED model you choose. Adding controls will save you even more. For example, adding a motion sensor in a parking lit light will allow you to dim the light when no one is around. As soon as motion is detected, then the light can power up to 100%.

6. How long do your Retrofit Kits last?

They are rated for 100,000 (L70) hours of use, in normal operating conditions. This is approximately 6X longer than metal halide, HPS, or other similar lighting technologies. L70 is a standard that defines how many hours will it take for the product to reach 70% of initial lumens (brand new). Compare that to HID, where the total life of most bulbs are 15,000 hours and L50 is at 7,500 hours.

7. What voltages are available?

We offer 2 power supply options. One for 100V-277V and the second for 277V-480V.

8. How long is the warranty?

Our heads are ALL warrantied for up to 10 years, the drivers are warrantied for 5 years. Follow the installation instructions, remove the reflector, keep them dry and you should not have any problems.

9. What is the difference between DLC Standard Qualified and DLC Premium Qualified?

In a nutshell, it is about efficiency. DLC Premium Qualified is only for high efficiency LED products. This means that these lights are typically brighter and use less energy. For example, a LED Light at 150 lumens/watt creates 15,000 lumens at 100 watts consumed. A LED light at 97 lumens/watt only creates 9700 lumens using the same 100 watts. Or if you want to look at it another way, you would only need 64 watts to produce the same 9700 lumens as the other less efficient product which requires 100 watts.

10. So what is all included in a retrofit box?

Our units contain a LED Head, a driver, and multiple installation adapters. This is typically no more difficult than a bulb or ballast replacement. Our DLC Approved unit does not include a socket adapter. We do not think they are safe and they will eventually cause the fixture's socket to fail. Our kits are light weight but still heavier than the bulb the sockets were meant to hold. We highly recommend you stay away from kits that use a socket adapter as its not a long term solution.


What Comes with a MyLEDLightingGuide HID Retrofit Kit?

  • LED Head  (10 year warranty).
  • A selection of mounting arm options designed to work in multiple fixtures.
  • Meanwell LED Driver, 100V - 277V or optionally 277V - 480V LED Retrofit.
  • 0-10V Dimmable driver (optional). Requires compatible dimmer or control system.
  • Supply of screws, electric wire nuts and instructions - everything to complete the installation.
  • Live support call in - if you have an installation question, we are here to help.
  • No non-sense hassle free warranty support.

MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

Our HID retrofit kits are not water - proof

But if your outdoor fixture is, and most are, then it won't be an issue. Just keep them dry and you'll have years of trouble free operation!

Our Retrofit Kits are Controls Ready!


Our LED Retrofit Kits have the ability to be switched on and off instantly, without affecting their lifespans, thus allowing the introduction of motion sensors , photocells, timers or other controls.

0-10V Dimming option available. This works in conjunction with motion sensors that allows you to adjust light output from 10% to 100% to save you even more money.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

Using Control with LED Retrofit Kits for HID fixtures

Controls such as motion sensors can either turn off the fixture or dim it. If your goal is to dim the light output when no activity is detected, make sure you order a dimmable LED Driver. No dimmable drivers can only be turned on and off.

High Voltage LED Drivers are available
Are you trying to retrofit fixtures that are 277V? 347V? 480V?
We have solutions that cover these higher voltage installations. Our constant current drivers are equipped to handle everything from 100V to 277V or 377V to 480V (standard driver in our kits are 100V-277V). We can handle single or 3-phase power as well. Talk to our sales engineers and we can get your lighting situation taken care of.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

480V High Voltage?

The standard driver with our HID Retrofit Kits are 100V to 277V. Make sure you tell your sales engineer that you need a high voltage solution so we can ship you our high voltage drivers.

1000's of Retrofit Conversion kits stocked in the USA ready to ship today.
We know how frustrating it is to order a product and then have to wait 6 weeks for delivery. We are constantly replenishing our supply in our USA warehouse and can process your order quickly.

What are the steps to install a retrofit kit inside a metal halide or HPS fixture?

Installation of a HID retrofit kit - a simple and fast process

A typical installation is around 15-20 minutes per fixture

• Turn off the Power to the existing fixture, and open the fixture up to expose the bulb and ballast.
• Remove the bulb, ballast and socket from the fixture.
• Remove the reflector - only if the reflector is not part of the fixture's watertight seal.
• Install the LED driver in the location of the old HID Ballast. Wire the driver to the same wires that powered the ballast.
• Configure the mounting arm for your fixture. Install the arm to the fixture and then install the LED Head to the mounting arm.
• Connect the wires of the LED Head to the wires of the LED Driver.
• Position and aim the LED Head to optimize light distribution.
• Remove the protective plastic cover from the LED head.
• Clean the glass of the fixture (if required) and close the fixture.
• Turn the power back on.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

Installing a HID Retrofit Kit.

While our instructions are pretty thorough and self-explanatory, we are always here to help. Our sales team can assist you with pre-sales questions, post-sales installation questions and most importantly, issues or problems that might arise after installation.

Our LED HID Retrofit Kits don't come with a Mogul Socket Adapter. This is a good thing!

Many old fixtures have an E39 socket or mogul base. They were designed to hold a 400W and 1000W HID bulb, not retrofit kits that weigh 5X more. Imagine a shoebox fixture in an outdoor application, 20 ft in the air on a windy day. The fixture will sway, and the mogul base is put under 5X the strain it was designed for. It will eventually fail. The retrofit kit will fall to the glass of the fixture.

MyLEDLightingGuide Kits include mounting adapters to replace the mogul socket, providing a secure, fail safe mount for the LED Head. Our installation procedure includes the removal of the mogul socket.

DesignLights Consortium will only provide DLC Premium Qualifications to LED Conversion Kits that do not use a mogul base adapter. So if you want a safer mounting option and a higher rebate, avoid using a mogul base adapter.

We offer LED Retrofit Kits for the following fixtures:

LED HID Retrofits for Outdoor Area Lighting

Designed to mount into outdoor fixtures on a roadway, parking lot or public & private street applications. Retro-fitting your outdoor area lights with LED lights is more cost savings than a new area light. These can be retrofitted inside shoebox lights, flood lights and even high mast lights. It is as simple as replacing the bulb and ballast in these fixtures.

Cobra Head HID LED Retrofit - LED Street Light Retrofit

Engineered to retrofit into your cobra head fixtures while offering higher lumens per watt - great for street lighting. LED Retrofit Kits can be easily mounted inside the cobra head fixture. If your cobra head has an optical lens, the LED Engine will perform exactly the same as the bulb it replaces.

LED Shoebox Retrofit HID Kits - Parking Lot LED Retrofit Kit

Engineered for your outdoor shoebox fixtures, common in parking lot areas, retro fitting your shoebox fixtures is an option if you want to use your existing fixtures! Our 100 watt Retrofit Kit easily replaces 400W MH and HPS and we have 280W, 320W and 350W to replace 1000W-1500W HID fixtures.

LED Retrofit Kit
LED Retrofit Kit installed inside Shoebox Fixture

LED Wall Pack Retrofit HID Conversion

Ideal for proving light around the outside of a commercial or industrial setting. Converting to LED saves you money and provides you with bright, high quality white light. 

LED Retrofit Kit installed inside WallPack Fixture

Outdoor Canopy HID to LED Retrofit

Designed for your canopy fixtures which are commonly mounted at a gas & petroleum station. Retro-fitting your canopy lights with LED is a cost savings alternative to a new canopy fixture purchase! 

LED Retrofit Kit installed inside Canopy Fixture

Low Bay HID Retrofit

Designed for your low bay fixtures in a parking garage, lots, warehouse & factory locations, or other low ceiling areas. 

LED Retrofit Kit installed in Low Bay Fixture

MyLEDLightingGuide LED HID Retrofit Kits are among the most efficient


Because Efficacy and Lumens per Watt Matter when you want to replace Metal Halide!

MyLEDLightingGuide has one of the most efficient commercial LED Retrofit available on the market today. Looking for a 400 watt Metal Halide bulb upgrade? Our 100W LED conversion retrofit produces 15,550 lumens. That's 155 lumens per watt.

Why does this matter? Consider other competitive options available. One such product is a 340W retrofit unit producing 39000 lumens @ 114.7 lumens per watt. In comparison, our 350W HID retrofit kit produces 50,750 lumens @ 145 lumens per watt. Even our 280W hid unit produces more lumens (43,120) than their 340W unit. We produce more light and consume 60W less energy. The reason you convert to LED is to save money by using less electricity, so why would you choose old and outdated LED technology.

So lumens is one thing, but let's calculate this another way.

You are on this site to look at LED lighting technology because you probably want to reduce your lighting bill (or grab a hold of the other benefits LED has to offer). Its all about producing the right amount of light and doing it using the least amount of energy. So if you have outdoor area lights for example and you are looking to retrofit them, you can choose our product at 100W / 15,550 lumens or their product at 135W / 13,164. They both have 10-year warranties.

Theirs are DLC standard and ours are DLC Premium Qualified. And for every light you replace with MyLEDLightingGuide's Kit instead of theirs, you will burn 35 less watts and produce 2,386 more lumens.

Converting your bulbs and lamps over to energy efficient (LED) Commercial Lighting with retrofits will save you money. So before you buy, you need to shop and determine which DLC Qualified LED Retrofit kit will save you the most.

"Never buy a retrofit bulb, lamp or solution based on watts, determine the lumens you need and the get the best and most efficient retrofit solution that uses the least amount of energy to create those lumens."

Mounting Options

included with a MyLEDLightingGuide HID Retrofit Kit

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