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Commercial LED Flood Lights

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Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Shop for high output, high temperature, sport, harsh and hazardous environment LED Flood lights. Free photometrics to profile our outdoor led flood lights in your area.

LED Outdoor Flood Lights are perfect for spaces requiring distribution and high lumen lights. Flood lights provide flexible lighting options . Mounting options include poles, walls, roof tops or even on the ground. Beam angles and optics allow for narrow to large focused beam patterns. Mounting options include trunnion mount, slipfitter mount, knuckle mount and yoke mount. Models available in dark bronze, black and white.

Our Commercial Grade LED FloodLights can replace 100W to 1000W Metal Halide and HPS flood lights. Many of our outdoor LED Flood Light Products are DLC Qualified. We can provide normal voltage 100V-277V and high voltage 277V-480V options. As well as high power, high heat and hazardous location flood lighting. Free shipping available on orders over $199.

Replace Metal Halide, HPS and HID Flood Lights

Commercial LED Flood Lights - A Primer


LED Flood Lighting

An Integrated LED Flood light is a high-intensity, broad-beamed fixture. They are often used to provide light for large areas, sports fields and security lighting. When strategically placed, flood lights flood an area with powerful, intense light. Focused beam flood lights are security lighting.

A flood light fixture can illuminate an area to a luminance greater than its surroundings. Powerful floods create intense light with a beam pattern designed to light up areas.

Flood lights are generally of 2 types: directional flood lights and area flood lights. They get classified according to how they control intensity and distribution of light.

Use Directional flood lights outdoor to accentuate architectural or structural features. This includes facade lighting or architectural wall washing.

You will find area flood lights in applications that need high light output for large open areas. This includes outdoor stadiums, parking lots, storage lots and indoor arenas.

How Are Flood Lights Different From Spotlights?

Some people tend to confuse flood lights with spotlights, but the two are very different. So, what's the main difference between a flood light and a spotlight?

The beam spread of a flood light can be as wide as 120°. This means that it can light up a larger surface area. A spotlight has a narrow beam of light that is no wider than 45°. The beam is more focused and is much easier to control and direct. The flood light has one big advantage over a spotlight. It can illuminate a larger space with the same lumen output and wattage as a spotlight.

Spotlights are perfect for illuminating a specific location, like building facades. Using photometric layouts, aiming lights to provide complete and uniform light distribution. In mining operations, using Flood Lights to illuminate dark passages keeps workers safe.

Where are Outdoor LED Flood Lights used?

Outdoor Security Flood Lighting

Flood lights installed outside residential and commercial buildings along provide security lighting. Thanks to the bright, quality light, they allow cameras to capture clear images. When pairing flood lights with motion sensors, they can help deter possible intruders. The sensors switch on the lights when it detects motion in the detection zone.

LED Area Security lights use a combination of flood lights, led wall pack and parking led area light. They provides very bright light that eliminate shadows, creating a safer area.

Indoor Lighting

Another popular use of flood lights is indoor area lighting. You will find these lights in indoor stadiums and arenas. Installing these lights at very high locations allow them to illuminate larger areas.

When stadiums and arenas are brightly lit, spectators are also able to enjoy the games. They can clearly see the action on the field without straining their eyes. Since LED light is comparable to daylight, it provides high quality light.

Flood lights are also used in factories to create a safe working environment. LED flood lights provide clear maintenance free lighting.

Billboard Advertising

Ever driven past a billboard at night and thought of how well-illuminated it was? Then you have definitely seen flood lights in action. Advertising companies use flood lights to illuminate billboards. Quality LED Outdoor Lighting allows the ads to pop at night.

Emergency Services

Powerful flood lights makes them a powerful tools for search and rescue operations. This is because you can direct their wide beams to scour large areas from a distance. This helps rescuers to find lost or stranded people. Portable flood lights are also used for emergency services.

Tennis Court Lights

Night aerial view of the illuminated tennis court, parking, streets and buildings of Adlersky City District, Sochi, Russia

Considerations When Buying Commercial Outdoor LED Flood Lights

The Optics


Optics differ from wide (150 degrees) to focused spot (20 degrees). The perfect beam angle depends on the application. Wide beams for parking and security lighting. Narrow beams for sport fields and highlighting architectural features.


Optics and reflectors provide the necessary for providing the optimal beam distribution. Optics are either polycarbonate (PC) or acrylic (PPMA). These lenses have excellent optical properties.

LED Optics

The Beam Pattern


Flood light optics come with different light distributions: symmetric, asymmetric, and anti-symmetric. They have different beams to suit spot, flood , area and roadway lighting applications.

Spot Beam

For installations where accurate lighting and control for confined spaces over long distances. Used for accent lighting, column grazing, flag poles and tall facades.

Narrow Beam

A narrow beam offers a focused distribution. It is ideal for spaces where there's a need for a tight, symmetrical distribution. Used to accentuate storefronts, monuments, and landscapes.

Medium Beam

A medium flood beam for area lighting or high intensity lighting applications. Used in spaces that need a wide uniform pattern and a specific coverage.

Wide Beam

A wide flood beam for general lighting applications. Used where broad, uniform lighting over a large area. Applications include security lighting and parking lots.

The Color Temperature


For outdoor flood lights, consider a warm white temperature (4000K). Or bright white temperature (5000K). These temperatures are the most popular of temperatures used in outdoor lighting.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

LED FloodLight - Choosing the Right Optic

What optic or beam pattern is right for you? There's no need to guess. We will create a FREE photometric with real foot candle and light distributions. There is no risk - you're installation will be a success.

5 Reasons to Switch to LED Flood Lights

1.    Higher Quality of Light


LEDs have the ability to render colors well. Their color rendering index is in the range of 70 to 95. Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures the color reproduction quality of artificial light sources. A high color rendering index means better light quality. Its a scale between 0 and 100. Sunlight is 100.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

LED Flood Light CRI

What CRI is right for you? If the purpose of the light is general purpose, 70 CRI will work fine. If you are lighting up a retail space, like a car dealership light, then choose a higher CRI, in the 80-90 range. Higher CRI LED Chips are more expensive, so don't pay for what you don't need.

2.    Economic Benefits


The role economics plays in residential and commercial lighting applications is huge. Energy usage, resource conservation, and long-term sustainability are very important factors. High output lights consume significant amounts of electricity to produce very intense light.

High powered LED flood area lights use very efficient and durable semiconductors. They can have L70 lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours. IES defines L70 lifetime as the time the lamp operates until its output drops to 70% of the initial output. The useful life of LED flood lights is much longer than that of high intensity discharge lamps.

New generation Commercial Grade LEDs have a luminous efficacy between 130 and 190 lumens per watt. The luminous efficacy of LEDs is increasing by the day. It has become possible to improve the luminous efficacy of high powered LEDs. This is due to enhancements in the materials and design. LED flood lights offer economic benefits with extended lifetimes and low maintenance costs. They reduce lamp replacement costs resulting in a shorter payback time.


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

LED FloodLight Efficiency

A more efficient light, at 180 lm/watt will cost more than a less efficient light. But over the life of the product, it will save you a lot more money in reduced operating costs. Choose a higher efficiency LED to save more on your electricity bill.

3.    Unaffected By Changes in Weather and Temperature


LED flood outdoor lights are resistant to environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations. Vibrations and changes in temperature affect HID lights and may cause premature failure. LED Flood lights are less affected by these factors, they perform well in adverse weather. LED lights can operate even in freezing conditions. They are ideal for cold warehouses and storage areas.


4.    They Are Free Of Dangerous Components and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Using LED, we required less electricity as they use almost 75% less electricity than HID bulbs. LED lights are more efficient and durable. They will last much longer than traditional lights. This lowers the production of light bulbs and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017 alone, LED bulbs decreased 570 million tones of carbon emissions. LEDs do not contain dangerous components like HID lamps and fluorescent do.

5.    Works with Lighting Controls

The use of lighting sensor flood controls, like motion sensor or photocell, in high power LED lighting can offer many benefits. This includes reduced light pollution, energy savings and extension of the luminaires’ lifespan.

LED lights with motion sensors can provide different levels of light. Think of it as a motion activated switch. When motion is detected, they can switch on automatically.

Photocells offer dusk to dawn illumination. They usually activate the light fixtures to provide light when it becomes dark (at dusk). They go off when the ambient environment becomes bright enough (at dawn). Modern intelligent lighting controls offer a lot of flexibility. They provide many communication channels for network control. 


MyLEDLightingGuide Pro Tip

LED Flood Lights - Using Controls

Some controls can make your lights dim, but not all LED Lights are dimmable. Make sure you have a 0-10V dimmable driver installed in your LED Flood light to dim the lights.

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