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Outdoor LED Flood Lights provide cost effective area and security lighting

LED Flood Lights replace Metal Halide and Halogen Flood Lighting.

LED flood lights are perfect for large open spaces that require lighting that provides great distribution and high lumen output. LED flood lights provide flexible lighting options where the lights can be mounted on poles, walls, roof tops or even on the ground. Beam angles and optics allow for narrow focused beams to large flood patterns to light up large areas of outdoor space. Flood light mounting options include trunnion mount, slipfitter mount, knuckle mount as well as yoke mount. 

Our Outdoor LED Flood Lights are designed to replace 100W to 1000W Metal Halide and HPS flood lights. Many of our outdoor LED Flood Light Products are DLC Qualified for utility rebate eligibility. We can provide 100V-277V and 277V-480V high voltage options, as well as high power, high heat and hazardous location flood lighting

We offer high output, high temperature, sport, harsh and hazardous environment LED Flood lights. Free photometrics to profile our outdoor led flood lights in your area.