LED Commericial Recessed Downlights

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LED Commercial Recessed Downlights are designed to replace existing incandescent and halogen recessed lighting fixtures sized 4 to 6 inches. These Down Light Retrofits for recessed lighting are held in place in the existing can fixture, and include all the necessary wiring to hook them up to the existing power source of the can.

Our LED Down lights are UL Listed and Energy Star Rated for rebates.

Our Commercial LED Downlight Retrofits for recessed lighting fixtures can reduce energy usage and utility bill costs by up to 70%.

Our recessed lighting retrofits are easy to replace, last longer than other lighting fixtures, and reduce costs.

LED Commercial Downlight LED Downlight Retrofit Kit 4"  

Our commercial LED Recessed Retrofit Kits can replace existing can lights and saves up to 75% over the halogen and incandescent lights it replaces.

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