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LED Canopy Retrofit Kits

Our outdoor LED canopy retrofit kits are specifically designed to screw into the existing socket of your existing canopy light fixtures, whether they are metal halide, HPS, or other HID lights - which are commonly mounted at a gas & petroleum station. Our canopy LED retrofit kits are DLC Premium Qualified for rebate eligibility and also are backed by a 10 year warranty, recessed lighting compatible. Retro-fitting your existing canopy light fixtures with LED is far more cost effective than a full replacement!

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Benefits of Canopy LED Retrofit Kits

We advocate for LED canopy retrofit lamp options over an entirely new canopy fixture when it is possible. Typically, we find the only need for entirely new canopy light fixtures is when the existing ones are falling apart, look old, or are not compatible with a canopy light LED retrofit kit.

By converting to LED with our efficient outdoor LED canopy light retrofit kit options, you will gain all of the same benefits a native LED canopy fixture offers, but with a significant reduction in cost. Not only is it 15% to 30% cheaper, but the installation costs drop dramatically too due to being quicker to install. Check out more of the benefits that not only does LED offer, but our LED retrofit kits offer as well:

Reduced costs

More affordable

The same benefits

Reducing commercial canopy lighting costs becomes
practical and sustainable with our LED retrofit canopy lights.

With energy savings up to 75%, you can
reduce a tremendous amount of
energy consumption when converting from technologies like metal halide, HPS, or other HID lights..

Also save with longer lifespans, reduced
maintenance costs
, and rebates.
Using a canopy LED retrofit kit allows you to reduce the cost of investment when compared to our entirely new LED canopy lighting options.

In fact, you could reduce your investment from 15% all the way up to 30% by choosing LED canopy retrofit kits vs entirely new canopy fixtures.

When would it make sense to retrofit? When you can keep your existing fixtures. Not sure if you can? Ask us!
Converting to LED technology in canopy lighting fixtures can bring many benefits, and this goes for our LED retrofit kit for canopy lights too.

These benefits include things like energy saving, longer lifespans, higher quality light, increase in safety & productivity, and more.

Interested in our commercial LED canopy light retrofit kits for existing canopy fixtures? Use our contact information below and one of our canopy retrofit kit experts will help.

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