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LED area lighting fixtures

Area lights are found in a variety of places such as parking lots, parking garages, service stations, and many more. Our efficient LED area lighting products offer quality illumination in these types of applications along with major savings in energy consumption and more.

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LED Area Lighting & LED Site Lighting Solutions

Efficient LED area light & LED site lighting solutions exceed the alternative area lighting technologies in virtually every way. Our LED area flood lights offer quality light output, creating ideal lighting footprints. In addition, the energy savings area LED lights bring upon installation is by far the #1 reason companies are converting to LED area light fixtures.

In turn, this quality of light improvement and energy savings allows for the perfect outcome. Higher quality light allows for better curb appeal, improving your business and how it is perceived. Matched with the energy savings (and the other cost savers we cover below) our LED area lights offer makes it a viable choice in virtually every way.

Reduced costs

High quality illumination

Improved safety & security

Reducing commercial area lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED area flood lights.

With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption.

Also save tremendously with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and even rebates.
High quality illumination is critical to achieve to improve and maintain a good curb appeal.

Outdoor LED area lighting technology will ensure your lighting system will output quality light.

Our LED area light specialists will work with you directly to ensure you have the perfect illumination that is properly distributed and at the perfect color temperature for your building.
Traditional outdoor area lighting fixtures may output low quality light, or even provide under-lit areas.

By converting to our commercial LED outdoor area lighting fixtures, you will no longer deal with excess under-illuminated areas, no flicker or buzzing, and only have quality light that will keep people safe and increase overall security efforts.

Dark areas cause hazards, and with LED area lights you can prevent these dark areas.

LED Area Light Chart Our industrial LED area lights reduce the power consumption of 50% (all the way up to 75%) in combination with smart controls, longer lifespans, and other cost saving benefits. The fixtures offer high flexibility and illumination quality. The LED area light source is far more reliable than conventional lamps and the lighting quality will increase definitely too.

LED Area Light Applications

Commercial LED area lights are rugged fixtures that are suitable for private or public parking lots, dealerships, walkways, garages, building grounds, petrol and service stations, warehouses, streets, workshops and more. They can be installed at poles between 10ft to15ft high to illuminate public places, displays, sign-boards or facades. They are flexible in mounting design and installation.Typical lights include LED Shoebox Fixtures, LED Flood lights and LED Canopies.


LED Garage Canopy   LED Parking Lot Light
LED Billboard Light   LED Wall Pack

LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Area Lighting

In addition to the other cost saving attributes efficient LED area lights offer, retrofitting existing area light fixtures is another way to save even more. By retrofitting, you maintain your existing fixtures but simply replace the existing area luminaire with LED. In turn, this reduces costs as LED area retrofit kits are cheaper than entirely new fixtures as well as installation costs tend to be cheaper.

If your fixtures are in good shape and you wouldn't mind keeping them, we almost always suggest you choose to a LED retrofit kit for outdoor area lighting vs a new fixture. They offer just as good efficiency, with lower conversion costs. Not sure which to choose? We can help you decide which may be best for you!

We offer various types of commercial pole LED area lighting fixtures & products, all of which are best suited for different applications. We list them all below, along with our contact information. If you need expert advise on which may be best for your area lighting project, be sure to use our contact info to ask one of our professionals directly.

LED Shoebox Area Light

LED shoebox fixtures are mainly used for general area lighting that require high-output light. LED shoebox area lights can be used for parking lot lights, school campuses, shopping malls, hospitals and large fields areas. Outdoor LED area lights are typically mounted on a pole with a side arm or slip fitter mount. The typical light distribution options for LED area lights area Type III, Type IV and Type V.  MyLEDLightingGuide LED commercial area lights can replace up to 1000 watts metal halide and high pressure sodium HID fixtures.

LED Dusk to Dawn Area Light

Dusk to dawn LED area lights save more energy and provide more savings by turning the fixture on sunset and off at sunrise. The automatic on and off function also reduces maintenance costs and can improve the fixture lifespan. LED dusk to dawn fixtures have a built-in photocell to activate the light and turn it off. LED dusk to dawn lights when combined with a motion sensor are also used for outdoor security lighting for residential and commercial areas, and saves even more energy by dimming when no one is around.

LED Post Top Lights

LED post top lights are energy efficient alternatives to metal halide and HID/HPS area lights and street lights for parks, pathways and pole lamps. LED post top fixtures are installed on top of poles and have a Type III, Type IV or Type V distribution that lights up the area around the pole. Post top lamps can be used for decorative outdoor applications and come in different shapes, sizes and color finishes. Choose from different color temperatures like 3000K, 4000K or 5000K. LED post top area lights are low maintenance and have better light quality than traditional HID post top lamps.

LED Retrofit for Shoebox and Post Top Light

LED retrofit lamps can replace the metal halide or HPS bulb and ballast inside a  shoebox area light or post top light. LED retrofit for metal halide area light can be either directional or cover a 360° omni-directional beam angle. LED retrofit bulbs easily fit into shoebox fixtures or post top lamp, with either an E26 Edison base or E39 mogul base. These retrofit fixtures are easy to install and require minimal maintenance to reduce overhead costs.

LED Shoebox Flood Light

LED shoebox fixtures also function as flood lights because they are similar in shape to large-scale traditional flood lights. LED shoebox flood lights are typically used for car dealerships and parking lots, and are mounted with a slip fitter, trunnion, yoke or wall bracket. Shoebox lights are typically either 400W or 1000W, and can easily either replaced or converted over to LED, with savings around 75% (or more with controls).

LED Commercial Flood Light

Commercial LED flood lights are used for applications that require high lumen output like shipping docks, football fields, stadiums, arenas and signage. They are sometimes referred to as LED High Mast Lights. For lighting for larger spaces, LED commercial flood lights can provide up to 120,000 lumens in a wide beam angle. Large LED flood lights also come in narrow, medium or flood beam spreads. LED commercial flood lights can replace up to 2000 watts metal halide flood lights.

LED Flood Light

Traditional LED outdoor flood lights are used for small-scale applications like gardens, residential areas and building facades. LED flood lights serve as accent lighting or wall wash fixtures for building facades, flag poles, monuments and signage. Flood light fixtures can be mounted on a pole, wall or on the ground using a slip fitter, trunnion, yoke, or knuckle mounts.


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