LED Ice and Hockey Rink Lights

The 5+ year warranty-backed LED ice & hockey rink lights from MyLEDLightingGuide reduce energy consumption by 75% while producing a safer & more secure rink.

Ice & hockey rinks can be indoors or outdoors. Converting to LED makes sense in both cases, offering bright, high quality light while consuming a fraction of what Metal Halide and HPS lights consume.

Create brighter rink surface areas and save money on your operating costs up to 75%.

One Solution LED Source for Hockey and Ice Skating Rinks

LED ice rink lighting

Public or private ice & hockey rinks can have a lot going on. From the parking lot, spectator stands, to the actual rink where skating is. Quality lighting in this type of environment can improve safety, overall satisfaction, and create a more secure place for everyone.

We've worked with ice & hockey rinks, local sports facility, roller skate rinks, community rinks, as well as stadium projects both in the United States and Canada (North America) to convert to LED ice rink lights which result in improved rink usability. More importantly though, the conversion to efficient LED has many cost saving benefits, which is why rinks are converting to LED and having them virtually pay for themselves.

These cost saving benefits in ice arenas include things like energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, and decreased maintenance costs. These benefits alone are the number one reason why ice rinks are converting to LED ice & hockey rink lighting systems, both in indoor and outdoor ice rinks.

1. Reduced Operating Costs and Maintenance Costs

Reducing ice rink lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. You can achieve a reduction of 75% when you convert from HID to LED. Lumens are maintained much longer with LED, so bulb replacement costs will go down to zero. And LED's love cold, so operating life will be extended in these cold environments. Also, instant on, instant off, so you no longer have 30 minute light cycle up times.

2. Better on Ice and Viewing Experience

Better illumination leads to a better experience for everyone: from fans and spectators to the skaters. We work directly with your rink and its ice arena lighting needs to come up with the perfect lighting recipe to achieve desired results.

Create a more memorable experience with LED. One that is professional, sustainable, and enjoyable for all visitors to your ice rink is now possible with our efficient LED options that meet your exact ice rink lighting standards and needs. We can do a photometric evaluation to show you exact light levels before you buy.

3. Safer ice rink - indoors and outdoors

Safety improvements can be made in two areas: with outdoor ice rink lighting & the lights on the actual rink. In the parking lot, proper lighting can make drivers safer, prevent crime, and give the property a greater appeal. On the rink, proper lighting systems will allow for better visibility, reducing potential skating accidents.Want to improve the overall experience & safety at your ice skating rink? Ask us how we can do just that!

Indoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Indoor hockey rinks contain high bays and flood lights to light up the ice surface and arena. Light levels have to be high enough so the players can see the hockey puck on the ice. Places like Canada have ice rinks open all year long, and some are open for 18 hours a day, where hockey is played from 6am to midnight. This can require a lot of energy consumption to power lights for that long. At such long usage hours, the ROI by converting to hockey arena LED lighting fixtures increases. Another way to achieve a higher ROI and lower conversion costs is by using Retrofit Kits for your ice rink lights.

Outdoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Outside, we often have two types of things to illuminate: an outdoor rink arena or the parking lot and pathway area. Either way, they often consist of the same type of fixture to achieve the best illumination possible. These outdoor ice rink lighting fixtures offer high-output light required to illuminate large areas, all while keeping energy consumption down due to using LED technology.


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