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LED Gym Lighting

Replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent Gymnasium Lighting
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A good lighting system can create the perfect environment for the people who use the it. When you install LED gym lights, you improve the experience and also lower your energy usage.

Finding the right fixtures for any area can be hard.  Finding the right lights for a gym can be downright difficult. Gyms come in all shapes and sizes, and LED technology provides the perfect solution for all types of gyms.

Shop for 5+ year warranty-backed LED gymnasium lighting fixtures from MyLEDLightingGuide. Reduce energy consumption by 75% while improving visitor experience.

LED Gym Lighting

If you operate a gym, there's one thing you need to know: the devil is in the details. The people who come to your gym want one thing – a perfect atmosphere to exercise in. You may not know it, but something as simple as lighting can determine the atmosphere of your gym. Traditional gym lighting can create uneven illumination, resulting in hot spots (very bright spots). The lights can also cause glare and blind people in the gym as they go about their exercises.


Why choose MyLEDLightingGuide Gym Lights?

1. Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

130 lm/w
150 lm/w
180 lm/w

Luminous efficacy is the true measure of a bulb’s efficiency. It indicates the lumens produced for every watt of electricity consumed. LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs with a higher luminous efficacy. High quality LEDs have awesome efficacy ratings. The standard luminous efficacy is upwards of 130 lumens per watt

We have gym fixtures that are rated between 130 and 180 lumens/watt. We can help you choose the right efficiency.

* Trade off between initial cost and long term savings?


A higher efficiency LED product costs more than lower efficiency units. The savings over the life of the product is more than the initial investment needed to upgrade. So if you're looking to maximize savings when converting to LED, choose the higher efficiency product.

2. Easily convert F54T5HO to LED


Tired of changing tubes? Tired of tubes that don't last as long as they should? Replacing F54T5HO Fluorescent fixtures is simple and easy.

Each T5 tube produces approximately 4000 lumens each. The light is not directional, so effective lumens is less than the 24,000 combined lumens for a 6 tube fixture. We replace these fixtures with a cost effective, maintenance free equal LED solution.


3. High Voltage up to 480V



100V - 277V
277V - 480V

Are you trying to replace fixtures that are higher voltages, 277V to 480V? We have solutions that cover these higher voltage installations. Our constant current drivers are equipped to handle everything from 100 Volts up to to 480 Volts (standard driver in our kits are 100V-277V). We can handle single or 3-phase power as well. Talk to our sales engineers and we can get your lighting situation taken care of.

* 480V High Voltage Options

Our higher voltage solutions handle both single phase and 3 phase 480V installations. If you have voltage above 277V, tell our sales engineers so we can specify the proper driver.

4. Color Temperature Options



For gyms with windows or operate 24 hours, it's important to use lights with the right color temperature. A color temp around 5000K, which is closest to daylight, has the same energizing effects as natural light. If you have been using metal halide, HPS, or fluorescents, it’s time to replace them with LED gym lights.

* LED Color Choice

To replace Metal Halide, 5000K is a great color choice. If you would like a warmer light, choose 4000K. HPS high bays are around 2300K. Moving to 4000K or 5000K will greatly improve the quality of indoor light.

5. Light Quality: Color Rendering Index

70 CRI
80 CRI
90 CRI


Color rendering index defines the color of light. It tells us how well a light source will reveal the colors of items compared to sunlight (the ideal light source). When it comes to HID lamps, people usually complain about one thing: poor light color. Light color is important in high bay applications. It has a huge impact on clarity and contrast.

Most of our LED Gym fixtures are offered between CRI 70 and 85. We can special order almost any CRI you might need. 


Anything over 70 is good. In applications such as assembly work where fine detail is necessary, then select 80 to 90 CRI.

6. Beam Angles: Proper Light Distribution



What do you need to illuminate an indoor gym facility? If you don’t know the answer to this question, it’s fine – we’ve got you covered.

Gyms come in different shapes and sizes hence recommended footcandles may vary. Yet, we want to make sure you have a good idea of the foot candles needed in your gym. Foot candles can range between 50 and 100, depending on the venue.

* Beam Angle Selection

Ask us to run a lighting photometric to determine the perfect light and beam angle for your indoor space. Look at both the foot candle measurements and max/min ratios to make sure your space is bright and uniform.

7. Lighting Controls


Motion Sensors
Daylight Harvesters
Smart Controls

Motion Sensors and other controls can dramatically reduce lighting costs by turning off or dimming the lights when people leave the area.

PIR and microwave motion sensors can be added to turn the lights on when motion is detected and off / dimmed when no activity is detected. To dim, the gym fixtures need a 0-10V dimmable driver. Unlike traditional lighting, dimming LED fixtures is relatively simple and does not affect the life of the bay fixture.

And if you're trying to save additional money, nothing saves more money than off or 10% lit.

8. Rugged Impact Resistance Fixtures that can handle gym abuse



IK rating is an international code. It measures the level of protection a light fixture has against mechanical wear and tear and the impact it can take. It is a measure of a light fixture’s durability and robustness.
Using lighting fixtures in a high traffic area (a gym) it is important to get fixtures with the proper IK rating. This is because if the light fixtures get damaged, efficiency may decrease. Light fixtures that are resistant to impact. Analyzing the risk of impact is the first thing you should do before you decide if you need light fixtures with a high IK rating.
MyLEDLightingGuide can supply high impact rated gym fixtures.

9. Reduce Energy Costs and Maintenance Costs




Save Energy

Our energy-efficient indoor high-bays reduce commercial costs and becomes practical and sustainable. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. LEDs have longer lifespans. We can add motion sensors to turn off or dim the light source when no activity is detected.

Reduce Maintenance

We have LED gym lights with L70 ratings that last upwards of 100,000+ hours. Less bulb replacement saves costs in gyms and schools. This cost saver is often overlooked, but saves a tremendous amount of money.

10. Avoid Glare




When it comes to lighting, there’s one thing people complain about, Glare. LED lights don't generate light like conventional lights. The intensity of each chip can make glare a serious issue. 

The Unified Glare Rating (UGR), rates glare for lighting products. To make sure that the lights you get do not cause glare, buy those with a Unified Glare Rating of less than 19. One thing you should remember is that a gym has a lot of shiny surfaces. Shiny surfaces reflect light, which means they can maximize the amount of glare in a facility.

MyLEDLightingGuide can supply led gym lights that can reduce glare dramatically.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Gym Lighting

LED gym lighting

1. The Layout of the Gym

One thing to remember as you design gym lighting is the fitness trends and equipment. What's popular now will not always be popular. Customer needs will also change as the equipment and trends change. You may need to alter the layout of your gym to keep customers happy and coming back.

If you own or manage a gym, be sure to choose a thoughtful lighting design from the get-go. This is an excellent way to future-proof your gym. As fitness trends change, your lighting will give the versatility you need tocan come up with new designs.

Why are photometrics important? They allow you to see your area and how it would look under LED Lighting taking the risk out of buying. We can easily run different options with our lights, and provide you with the proper information and guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right. 

120ft X 70ft gymnasium, 30 ft high ceiling, replacing 400W Metal Halide with 150W LED UFO High Bay

120ft X 70ft gymnasium, 30 ft high ceiling, replacing 400W Metal Halide with 120W LED UFO High Bay


Ask us to do a no-cost, no obligation photometric study on your gymnasium.

We work with you to get the light levels to their proper levels with great distribution. This takes the risk out of buying LED. The light we recommend will be perfect for your gym.

2. The Height of the Gymnasium Ceiling

Just like the ingredients can make or break a meal, the light fixtures can make or break a gym. The ceilings in most gyms are at least 20 feet high and need specific light fixtures. For instance, low bays aren't the best in a gym with a high ceilings. They're ideal for ceilings that are not higher than 20 feet.

If a gym with a high ceiling height uses low bays, the light will be insufficient, so the space will be dark. The most common lighting fixtures for indoor gyms are high bay lighting fixtures. These aly designed to light up gyms with high ceilings. They're perfect for most indoor commercial gyms.

Take time to check the type of equipment you'll have in the gym and how much vertical space your patrons will need. Make sure the lighting fixtures do not hang low so they don't interfere with their workouts.


3. The Type of Ceiling

Another thing that has a great impact on the lighting fixtures you choose for a gym is the material used for the ceiling. Plasterboard ceilings work well with almost all gym lighting fixtures, including suspended and recessed options. Concrete ceilings have many limitations and only surface-mounted lighting solutions are suitable for them. T-bar ceilings also have limitations and require troffer lights for a streamlined look. Identify the type of ceiling in your gym before you go ahead and buy light fixtures. 

4. The Gym Hours of Operation

Every gym has specific hours of operation from half a day to 24 hours. If your gym operates for 12 to 24 hours a day, install lights that can function for a long periods. Get lights that don't need maintenance or risk burning out.

In the less utilized areas of the facility, you can pair lights with lighting controls. Optimize by switching them on and off depending on the occupancy. Lighting controls can help you to lower your energy consumption. After you switch to LED technology you'll save even more money in the process.

5. The Color of the Walls, the Ceiling, and the Floor

When it comes to illuminating your gym, the lighting fixtures are not the only thing you should think of. The color of the walls, floors, and ceilings plays an important role in illumination. Light-colored floors, walls, and ceilings have a high reflectance level. You can use light fixtures with a lower lumen output.

But dark-colored walls, floors, and ceilings do not reflect light. Meaning you will need light fixtures with a higher lumen output. Many gyms have plenty of mirrors to help patrons see their workout routines. Since mirrors are reflective, don't make it hard on your clients’ eyes with high lumen output.

6. Flexible Lighting Options

Because different areas of a gym are in use for many purposes, they need different light fixtures. Flexible lighting, such as those that work with dimmers make all the difference. For example, uses of a single room can be different. You can use energizing, bright light for high-energy classes like zumba and aerobics. Dimmer, relaxing light is for stress-relieving classes like yoga and meditation.

Some LED lights are flexible so you can change the light output. Installing flexible fixtures in multi-functional spaces will provide the right lighting. It will create the atmosphere needed for any exercise.

Gym Project Image completion

Fitness Center after converting to MyLEDLightingGuide High Bays

Gym After Image

School Gym after converting to MyLEDLightingGuide High Bays

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