LED Gym Lighting

The 5+ year warranty-backed LED gymnasium lighting fixtures from MyLEDLightingGuide reduce energy consumption by 75% while improving visitor experience.

A gymnasium lighting system is key to creating a friendly environment that appeals to those who use the facility. If your system lacks quality lighting, it may turn people away from enjoying their time and even worse; turn them away from coming back. With our LED gym lights, we are improving the gymnasium experience while reducing energy consumption.

One Source LED Solution For Gymnasium Lights

LED gym lighting

The most common gym lighting systems we find that people have consist of either metal halide or high pressure sodium technology. The issues with these lights are extensive, and there is little to no upside with these technologies. Let’s go over the downsides of having these technologies in your facility:
Metal Halide and HPS lights are susceptible to flickering; it’s just the way they are made. If you have MH or HPS technology in your gym you may be experiencing this already, especially if your fixtures are older than a few years. They buzz. This is basically the same situation as the previous; MH and HPS are susceptible to buzzing throughout their lifespan. Even worse, your lights could both flicker and buzz at the same time. This can cause issues for people in the gym and make it unbearable to stay for long or at all.

All lights depreciate in the amount of lumens they output, even LED. But the thing with HPS and metal halide is that they depreciate faster and overall more than LED products do. Overtime this can cause an under-lit gymnasium, which can eventually cause safety issues if it goes too far. We combat this with our perfected LED gym lights and our ability to help directly with your gym lighting design.

Energy usage is high. Compared to LED gym fixtures, MH and HPS can use up to 75% more energy per fixture just to produce the same amount of light. So while you might need a 400W metal halide light, a comparable 100W LED could output the same amount of lumens (or light) as the 400W MH fixture does. It just doesn't make sense long or short term to have these old and outdated technologies installed in your gym. Add controls to dim the LED lights down when no one is around, and energy savings start to multiply.

1. Reduce Operational and Maintenance Costs

Reducing gymnasium lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our LED gym lighting options. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of power consumption. Adding simple controls like motion sensors can dim gym lights down when no one is in the area. Save with longer lifespans and  reduced maintenance costs. Ask us about rebates.

2. Better Experience with Higher Quality Light

Removing Metal Halide or HPS Lights and replacing them with LED gymnasium lights will improve the overall experience for everyone using the gym. From getting rid of flickering and buzzing lights to ensuring the gym is never under-lit, LED will solve all of the common downfalls of previous lighting technologies. And being able to control the light levels is also an added bonus. Using the gym for assemblies might mean you want the lighting to be dimmer.

3. Increased Safety for Atheletes

LED gym lights are increasing safety in gyms by their ability to offer quality illumination, which improves visibility. With so many things going on in a typical gym, it's easy for people to get hurt. Effective illumination provided by our gymnasium LED light fixtures will enable people to avoid accidental injury otherwise unpreventable.

LED Gymnasium Lighting Options

The most common lighting fixture found in indoor gymnasiums is LED indoor bay lighting fixtures. These fixtures are designed to illuminate indoor gyms with high ceilings, making it perfect for most commercial gym lighting requirements. For converting to LED gymnasium lighting fixtures we have two options: entirely new fixtures; or to retrofit your existing fixtures with LED Bulbs.

Not sure whether to retrofit or fully replace? Contact one of our gymnasium lighting professionals and they can help decide what is the best option for you.

LED Gym Lighting: Before & After

Below is a before (left) and after (right) of an efficient LED gym light conversion we did. In this example, you will see this typical basketball court and school gymnasium we helped convert to LED benefit from the improved illumination, along with the energy savings they are getting on the back-end.




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