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Ports and Shipping Ports

Port lighting system

Ports and Container Ship Facilities use large poles of multiple high power HID lights to provide general flood lighting through out the facility. The problem is that traditional light sources, such as High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide, while bright when brand new, tends to suffer from lumen degradation in a relatively short time. And with lights mounted 80 to 120 ft high, replacing light bulbs is not a trivial task.

MyLEDLightingGuide can replace or retrofit your existing Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Light with as much as 100,000+ lumens of directed LED Light, more than you will ever need to replace a 1000W Metal Halide Light.

See our Port Lights

Correctional Facilities and Prison

Correctional facility lighting

Correction Facilities and Prisons contain a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which are a candidate to upgrade to LED Lighting. Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and therefore less maintenance, LED Prison Lighting offer other benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, quick strike time, emergency battery backup packs to ensure there is always light even when the electricity gets turned off.

And because LED is instant on / instant off, they reach full intensity right away unlike Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium that require 30 minutes to cycle through.

Correctional Facility Lights

Bridge Lighting

Bridge with LEDs

Bridges big focus is on public appeal and energy savings. With LED bridge lights, energy costs are reduced tremendously and the perfect color temperature can be chosen to get the look desired for any bridge lighting project.

Bridge Lighting

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel LED Lighting

Tunnels have a strong obligation in ensuring a safe lighting environment is present throughout the entire tunnel. With LED, they offer exceptional light output along with high energy savings; making for the perfect fit for any tunnel lighting project.

Tunnel Lighting

Public Park Lighting

LED public park lighting

Public areas and parks need to maintain safety and security of its visitors at all times of the day, especially at night. With our quality LED public park light fixture options, improved visibility in public parks allows for improved safety.

Public Park Lights

Playground Lighting

LED playground lighting

Playgrounds can remain well illuminated all throughout the night or morning with our LED playground lighting options. They are improving safety, increasing usage time, and decreasing operating costs.

Playground Lighting

Street Lights

LED parking lot lighting system

Streets and roadways need proper lighting throughout the night to ensure driver and pedestrian safety. These lights face the harsh natural environment, and our (LED) street light fixtures can withstand them.

In addition, since our street lights have LED technology, they offer the energy savings and other cost saving benefits that LED offers.

Roadway Lighting

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