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LED Golf Course Lighting

Discover how to save money with energy efficient lighting options for your golf course...

Proper golf course lighting is achieved with LED. Whether it's for a golf course or driving range lighting, LED offers reduced overhead costs and a better experience for the facilities golfers.

LED Lights For Golf Courses

Golf Course Lighting

A proper lighting system is achieved with a golf course LED lighting system. An LED system on a golf course provides endless benefits on the greens, range, and putting areas, all of which enhance operations and the experiences of the courses visitors and spectators.

Whether its for a outdoor course to an indoor driving range, our golf course driving range lighting products allow for all of the benefits that LED offers; from energy savings, to increased lifespans a golf course driving range lighting. All these benefits (and more) are achieved all while meeting the average golf course lighting standards.

This mix of a great LED lighting technology and quality golf range floodlights that fit nearly any golf course or range matched with a great golf course lighting design provides for the best possible outcome of any golf course lighting system.

Reduced costs

A golf course lighting system can save tremendously with LED. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a serious amount of energy consumption alone. Also major saving that come along with LED include longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Better experiences

People that play golf or go to the driving range want to enjoy their time, and a good lighting system can help aid in this. A bad lighting system will provide under lit areas and may flicker or buzz, all of which can annoy players. With LED, you can avoid any buzzing or flickering lights and avoid under lit areas.

Improved safety

Golfers want to feel safe too, and a good illumination plays a big role in supplying good safety and security to a golf course. By choosing LED for on the course or in the parking lot, you allow golfers to feel safe when they are at your facility.