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LED Gas Station Lights for Sale

LED gas station lights

Creating a safe and inviting gas station with quality, up-to-date, and efficient LED gas station lights can make all the difference. Our exterior and interior gas station lighting solutions, including canopy lights, improve safety, curb appeal, and reduce costs. All of which will help a gas stations bottom line.

Want to get a quote or lighting advice for your LED gas station lighting project?

Petrol & Gas Station LED Lights

Improving outdoor illumination at your gas station will improve your overall curb appeal. This builds trust in the customer that your gas station is safe, secure, and won't have any issues at. We are helping gas stations alike improve their bottom line by installing our LED lights for gas station businesses, and we want to do the same for you.

In general, gas stations are seeing such improvements from their upgrade to gas station LED light fixtures from the increase in light output, better light quality, color temperatures that contrast, and avoidance of under-lit areas. In addition to the improved quality of light our gas station LED lights offer, they also offer some major cost saving benefits.

These cost saving benefits include things like energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, decreased maintenance costs, and even rebate eligible.

Reduced costs

Better curb appeal

Improved bottom line

Reducing gas station lighting costs becomes
practical and sustainable with our efficient LED gas station light fixtures.

With energy savings up to 75%, you can
reduce a tremendous amount of
energy consumption.

Also save with longer lifespans, reduced
maintenance costs
, and rebates.
Gas stations have fierce competition, and all else equal, a customer will likely choose a gas station that looks better lit, and thus; safer.

The deliberate color temperature to promote contrast, improved appearance, perfected lumen (light) output, and avoidance of under-lit areas all equate to the perfect gas station lighting recipe for success. And we will work directly with you to meet your gas station lighting design and requirement needs that meet all gas station lighting standards.
Reduction in operating costs and improved customer acquisition both equate to an improved bottom line.

If your petrol station lighting system isn't with LED yet, contact us and lets go over the exact benefits, your needs, and how we can achieve them with our LED petrol station lighting.

Our Gas Station LED Canopy Lights

The main lighting needs for a gas station are the lights under the gas station canopy, all of which illuminate the main attraction to a gas station: the pumps. The lighting here is what will make or break your gas stations professionalism and appeal to the public, and that's why we've put a lot of work into our outdoor waterproof canopy LED lights for gas stations.

In fact, we've made it so you can customize your efficient gas station LED canopy lights with us to match the desired color temperature, light footprint, and design. If you aren't sure, no worries! Just contact us and a LED gas canopy lights expert will help you, start to finish with getting LED into your gas station.

One other big issue we find in other canopy lights for gas station (such as metal halide, HPS, or fluorescent), is that they are prone to flicker and / or buzz. This can cause irritation, low quality public views, and can drive recurring people away. With some LED lights for gas station canopy, this issue is removed entirely and will never happen.

Here we list all of our currently available efficient LED canopy lights for petrol station and gas station canopy LED lights for sale (all of which are waterproof , weather resistant, and DLC qualified):
Quick Ship - LED Canopy - Square
LED Canopy - Square - Low Profile

LED Canopy Lights replaces Up To 175W HID. 3,250-5,100 lumens. 70,000 hours with 6 years limited warranty. IP65 Rated.
Quick Ship - LED Canopy - Square
LED Canopy - Recessed

LED Recessed Canopy Light for Gas Stations 120-160W - 15,125-19,920 Lumens. 10 year warranty!
LED High Mast Light
LED Canopy 80W-320W

LED Canopy replaces up to 1000W Metal Halide. 15,000-38,760 lumens. 60,000+ (L85) hours with 10 year limited warranty. IP67 rated.
12" LED Canopy - Square
12" LED Canopy - Square

LED Square Canopy Lights replaces Up To 175W HID. 4,428 lumens. 50,000(L70) hours with 5 years limited warranty. IP65 Rated.
Low Profile LED Canopy - Square
LED Canopy - Square - Low Profile

LED Canopy Lights replaces up to 250W+ HID. 4,210-8,120 lumen. 100,000 hours with 10 years limited warranty. IP65 Rated. Ideal for garages and gas stations.
Quick Ship - LED Canopy - Square
LED Canopy - Square - Low Profile

LED Canopy Lights replaces Up To 175W HID. 3,250-5,100 lumens. 70,000 hours with 6 years limited warranty. IP65 Rated.

Want a cheaper option to replace existing gas station canopy lights with LED? Check out our gas station canopy LED retrofit kits that work in almost all existing canopy lights in gas stations.

Here are some other potential gas station lights that may work, such as gas station light pole & parking lot lights for areas not under the gas station canopy:

LED Area Light
LED Parking Lot/Flood Light 80-150W

LED Parking Lot/Area Lights, up to 150W producing 21,000 lumens. 10 year warranty
LED Area Light
LED Parking Lot/Flood Light 150-300W

LED Parking Lot and Area Lights, up to 300W producing 45,900 lumens. 10 year warranty
90-300W LED Shoe Box - Area Lighting
60-198W Slim LED Shoe Box Fixture

60-198W LED Shoe Box replaces up to 400W Metal Halide Area Lights. 1000's in stock!

Interested in our efficient LED gas station lights, retrofit products, or LED canopy lights for gas stations? Use our contact info below and we will connect you with one of our gas station LED lighting products experts.

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