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Garage Lighting - LED Garage Lights

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LED Lights for Professional and Residential Garages

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Garage Lights

Garage lighting can apply to both residential garages for cars or home shops, or commercial car and auto repair garages where cars are repaired and worked on. There are a variety of LED fixtures designed for these areas, as well as different mounting options to choose from. Providing well distributed and diffused light to cover a large area is available, and running a photometric evaluation in your area will determine what is the best option.

Garage lighting can either be suspended from the ceiling with chain or pendant mount or mounted directly  to the ceiling when height is limited. Lighting can be designed to provide both broad distribution as well as focused task lighting.

Residential LED Garage Lighting

Residential garages can include single car or multiple car garages, utility rooms, work shops, barns or storage rooms. Home based garages are usually smalland require less fixtures.


Professional LED Garage Lighting

Professional garages are used for applications like auto repair shops, mechanic shops, oil change location and large workshops used for carpentry and cabinet builders. Commercial garages can accommodate higher lumen output.

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