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Our NSF Certified LED Food Processing Lights are specifically designed to meet all the stringent food grade luminaire guidelines. Designed to replace 250W to 400W+ Metal Halide. These stylish food processing high bays can provide bright, economical light and create a safe work environment.

IP66 rated, intelligent design to make cleaning easy, no glass and ultra smooth finish and linear fixtures to meet every need and environment.

Our fixtures are watertight to withstand high-pressure wash downs, while the lack of exposed screws ensures no crevices for bacteria to grow in.

LED NSF Food Processing High Bay   LED NSF Food Processing Linear
NSF High Bay
NSF Linear

Our Food Grade LEDs are the perfect food process lighting fixture. They are water tight for easy cleaning and sterilization. DLC Qualified, NSF certified. IN STOCK - Ready to ship today. Call Us (888)423-3191

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