Your Partner for Federal Set-Aside Purchases

Do you want to purchase your lighting needs under one or more federal or state set-aside contract programs?  Bright Lights Distribution (BLD) can offer the complete range of My LED Lighting Guide products and services under these contract programs:

•    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
•    Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
•    Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)
•    General Service Administration’s (GSA)
•    Office of the Integrated Award Environment (IAE)
•    System for Award Management (SAM)
•    Commonwealth of Virginia Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM)
•    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) LDBE Certified
•    Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
•    Small Business and Local Preference Program (SBLPP) certified

By working with Bright Lights Distribution, you can acquire the best MyLEDLightingGuide LED lighting products available, work with an expert who will optimize your purchase and savings, and support efforts to direct purchasing dollars to protected classes of U.S. small businesses.

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Purchases Under Set-Aside Programs

MyLEDLightingGuide strongly supports service disabled veteran-owned small businesses, woman-owned small businesses, and minority-owned small businesses and micro businesses. We have developed a close relationship with Bright Lights Distribution (BLD) to make it simple for you to purchase quality LED products and support these types of businesses, too.
Working with BLD allows you to work with an established company while you help to advance the goals of federal and state set-aside purchasing initiatives. Working with BLD, you will get professional insight and feedback for your lighting upgrade, retrofit, replacement, and new construction needs.

Exceptional Pricing on LED Products

Well-designed applications of LED lights can dramatically reduce your energy usage, allowing you to save month after month on utility bills. BLD will help you to implement LED lighting including DLC Qualified High Mast Lights, lighting for your parking lots, wall packs, fluorescent tube replacements and much more.

BLD will help you get everything that you would want or need from our online store of industrial lighting products. Shop, compare and start saving today!

LED Lighting Expertise

BLD offers exceptional expertise in with LED product lines and the best possible pricing available for retrofits, fixtures and applications.

•    Retrofit Products
•    Post Top Retrofits
•    High Bay Retrofits
•    LED Tube Retrofits
•    LED Down light Retrofits
•    LED PAR-BR Bulbs
•    LED Exit Sign Replacements

LED Fixtures
•    High Bays
•    High Masts
•    Stadium Lights
•    Explosion Proof
•    Vapor Lights
•    Parking Lot
•    Street Lights
•    Flood Lights
•    Wall Packs
•    Acorn Fixtures

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Bright Lights Distribution Specializes in Cost-Effective LED Lighting Applications

We can help you put in the right lighting for just about any environment. Some of the areas where we have successful implementations are listed below. If you have a specific application you need help with, contact us today and talk with one of our lighting experts. We will provide you with the best possible advice for your lighting application. [link to /led-solutions]

Correctional Facilities and Prisons
Correction facilities and prisons contain a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which can be upgraded to LED lighting.

VA Hospitals and Health Institutions

Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and less maintenance, LED lights in healthcare facilities offer benefits for staff members and patients.

Office Space
Offices lighting is generally provided by overhead fluorescent tubes. These can easily be converted over to LED, resulting in better lighting, brighter lighting, energy reduction and reduced maintenance costs.

Schools and Educational Facilities
With LED lights, schools and educational facilities can benefit from improved light levels, a better working environment for staff and students, and a safer environment by removing fluorescent tubes.

Gym Lighting
LED lighting can dramatically improve gym lighting while reducing energy consumption by 50-90%.

Tennis Court Lighting
Tennis court solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Hockey Rink Lighting
Converting ice hockey rinks to LED lighting makes sense for facilities that currently have metal halide or fluorescent lights installed.

Car Dealership Lighting
Car dealerships need high quality light to help display vehicles. High CRI lighting provides great quality light and LED is able to provide high quality of light inside and out.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lots are wide open spaces that are perfect for conversion to LED. We have both retrofit and fixture replacement solutions.

Parking Garages
With LED lights, creating a safer, brighter environment in parking garages is easy, and the potential for energy savings is dramatic.

Ports and Shipping Ports
LED lighting is a perfect solution for ports and container ship facilities that need to provide general flood lighting throughout the facility.

Warehouses and Factories
As LED lighting becomes more efficient, the economics of converting factories and warehouses continues to improve.

Refinery Lighting
Safety is paramount in refineries and LED is a better, safer light source than other types of lighting.

Food Processing
Food processing and cold storage facilities can pose a problem for fluorescent and metal halide lighting because cold temperatures can affect ballasts and start up times of fluorescent tubes. LED lighting loves the cold!

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
It is imperative the food and packaging look its best. That is why LED lighting makes so much sense in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Airport Hangars and Tarmac Lighting
Airports have high power lighting needs, both inside and out. Whether you need to convert over your high mast lights or interior hangar lights, we have the product and lumens to meet your needs.

Church Lighting
We can provide either a retrofit kit or supply new fixtures that will allow you to save 75% or more on your current lighting bills for your church parking and building needs.

To learn more about LED lighting options and applications, contact us

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Purchasing from a Certified Small Business Makes Sense

There are many small businesses capable of providing products and services to the government and other organizations. On the federal level, this is seen as an important opportunity for economic growth and has led to the development of set-aside contracting programs

The federal government has a goal of awarding 23% of federal contracting dollars to small businesses and sub goals of 5% for women-owned small businesses, 5% for small economically-disadvantaged businesses, and 3% for service disabled veteran-owned businesses. Purchasing in these categories is a way that many businesses show their support for these important sectors of the U.S. economy.

Why purchase from a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)?

The 1999 Veterans Entrepreneurial Act and Small Business Development Act (Public Law 106-50) established a contracting goal for federal agencies to award 3% of prime contracts to SDVOSBs. The Veterans Benefit Act of 2003 created the procurement program for small businesses owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans.

The purpose of the SDVOSB program is to provide federal contracting assistance to service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns. In 2004, President G.W. Bush signed Executive Order 13360 calling for an increase in federal contracting and subcontracting opportunities for SDVOSBs.

The Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-461) provides the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with unique authority to conduct set-aside and sole source procurements with small businesses owned and operated by veterans. This legislation creates a unique “veterans first” approach specific to VA contracting that provides places SDVOSBs first in satisfying VA’s acquisition requirements.

Why purchase from an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSB) or Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB)?

This WOSB Federal Contract Program enables Economically Disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs) to compete for federal contracts that are set aside for EDWOSBs in industries where women-owned small businesses are underrepresented. It also allows set-asides for WOSBs in industries where women-owned small businesses are substantially underrepresented.  Contracting officers can access the WOSB repository of certified EDWOSBs and WOSBs.

The WOSB Federal Contract Program was implemented in February 2011 to expand the number of industries where WOSB are able to compete for business with the federal government.  The program also creates awareness to organizations outside the government EDWOSBs and WOSBs and the benefits of doing business with them.

What is the benefit of purchase from a Virginia SWaM Certified Business?

The Commonwealth of Virginia has set aside special procurement and contracting opportunities for small, women-owned, and minority-owned business. The state Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity offers a directory of businesses that are certified under the SWaM program.

Under the SWaM program, small business owners who are looking to participate in Virginia’s specialized procurement and contracting opportunities can become SWaM certified.  The SWaM certification is a vehicle to promote economic growth of Virginia’s businesses.

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