LED Lighting for Factories

Convert your factory over to LED quickly and easily. We have high power LED Solutions that can replace up to 2000W HID, and high temperature solutions....

Lighting in a factory plays a huge role on safety, security, and output. Converting to LED factory lighting fixtures away from high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights has proven to improve all three of those areas, all while reducing energy consumption up to 75%.

One Source LED Solutions For Factories

LED factory lighting

Replacing existing HPS or Metal Halide commercial factory lighting systems with a factory LED lighting system leads to improved safety, increased productivity, and reduced operating costs associated with the factories lighting system. This allows the company to gain a positive ROI, which actually pays for itself over a few years.

The number one reason factories convert to LED is for the cost saving benefits. These cost saving benefits include energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better factory safety & security for your employees.

1. Reduced Operation and Maintenance Costs

Reducing factory lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED lighting systems for factories. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also , LED offers  longer lifespans and reduced maintenance costs. Rebates are available at time of purchase.

2. Improved brighter environment and factory safety

Industrial environments, such as a factory, can have a lot of potentially dangerous machine and processes going on at once. Improving the visibility with the higher quality of light that LED industrial factory lighting solutions privide will enable employees to avoid potential accidents, not otherwise avoidable with poor lighting that is caused from HPS or MH lamps. We can EASILY replace 400W, 1000W and even 2000W HID, all while saving $'s.

3. Increased productivity

HPS and MH lights buzz, flicker, and output light in less-than-optimal color temperatures and quantities. This can slow down production, reducing daily output significantly. Being able to speed up output and efficiency can pay for itself, not including the direct cost saving benefits that industrial LED factory lighting offers.

4. LED Lighting Solutions of Hot and Cold Environments

Some factories suffer from heat produced from furnaces and other processes. We can offer an indoor highbay solution that is designed for environments up to 190F. Cold Environment? We got you covered there too! The same fixture is rated for -85F. We can easily replace 250, 400 and 1000W HID and if you need more, ask us. We can custom build solutions.

LED Factory Lighting Products

LED lights for factory environments can consist of different styles, lumen output, and other attributes depending on the needs of the factory. In general, high bay fixtures are by far the most common in commercial & industrial factories due to their large ceilings and need for adequate and quality illumination. Below we list our most popular LED factory lights for sale, all backed by 5+ year warranties.

For specialty lighting products to meet specific factory lighting standards, such as high temperature, aisle lights, industrial explosion proof, wash down & water resistant lights for food processing; we have those products too!

Not sure which commercial LED factory light fixture is right for you? Contact us and one of our warehouse & factory lighting professionals will help.

Factory LED Lighting Cost Saving Analysis

How much a conversion to LED factory lighting will save you depends on the type of lighting system you currently have, the hours of operation and the cost of your electricity.  If you currently have Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium, the savings are typically 65% or higher by converting over to LED factory lighting fixtures.

If you have fluorescent tubes, like T8's, T10s or T12's, then you should see on average a 50-66% savings. And if you have high bays (which consume a lot of energy due to high lumen output), converting to LED factory lights could save you near 75% or more in energy consumption, making it a great energy saving factory lighting solution.

150 LED Watts replacing 400 MH Watts
12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 1358 kw/year *
Cost per kw/h
Savings per year (per fixture)
* includes ballast draw

And this is only the start of savings, add reduced maintenance costs of replacing bulbs and ballasts or add smart controls like occupancy sensors and daylight harvesters and savings can go much higher.

Will This Improve Light Levels?

In short, yes! Just look at this facility that we helped convert from 400W HPS lights (left) over to just 150W LED lights (right), saving them tremendous amounts of energy while improving the lighting levels:

400W HPS vs 150W LED Factory Lights

Interested in efficient LED solutions for your factory? Contact us with the info below and one of our lighting professionals will help guide you, from start to finish.

1000s in stock. Factory Direct Pricing. Same day shipping. Our LED Factory Lights are DLC Qualified. Replace 400W and 1000W easily. Free Photometric Evaluations!


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