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Gym Lighting

LED gym lighting

There are many ways to improve your gym lighting. Converting over from Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting to LED couldn't be easier and more cost effective. Reducing your energy consumption by 50-90% while increasing the quantity and quality of light is the "no-brainer" upgrade.

And with DLC Qualified Product, rebates allow this conversion to be cost effective for budget minded schools.

See Gym Lighting

Schools and Educational Facilities

School lighting systems

Schools and Educational Facilities can certainly benefit from all the features that converting over to LED. Improved light levels, better working environment for staff and students, creating a safer environment by removing fluorescent tubes (and the mercury contained within). Children do better in school when the conditions are optimal.

Fluorescent lights that strobe are difficult for children with learning disorders and attention disorders. LED Lights do not strobe, the provide a non-distracting high quality light to work and learn under. And removing mercury and other harmful products from a school is also a major benefit when you convert to LED.

School Lighting

Football Stadium Lighting

Football field lighting setup

Football stadiums can be a great experience for fans, all of which can be improved with LED. In addition to the improved of experience for the fans, they also can tremendously reduce energy costs associated with illuminating your football field and parking lot by up to 75%.

Football Field Lights

Baseball Field Lighting

Baseball field lighting setup

Baseball fields need a serious amount of light to provide a great experience, quality light at that. With the large amount of lighting required, LED solves both issues by offering high quality light and reducing energy costs by up to 75% associated with illuminating the baseball field.

Baseball Field Lights

Basketball Court Lighting

Basketball court lighting

Basketball courts can realize the benefits of LED by converting to them in many ways. From energy savings to reduced maintenance costs and improved experiences; LED can improve a basketball court and the seating areas tremendously.

Basketball Court Lights

Soccer Field Lights

Soccer field lighting

Soccer fields can improve their fan experiences all while reducing energy consumption with LED. From lighting on the field to the concession stands, LED technology can improve every area and reduce costs with longer lifespans, energy reductions up to 75%, and lower maintenance costs.

Soccer Field Lighting

Natatorium Lighting

LED Natatorium Lighting Fixtures

Even natatoriums (swimming pools) can benefit from LED. In such a humid environment, our water resistant LED fixtures are the perfect fit for commercial pools that need overhead light fixtures.

Natatorium Lighting

Tennis Court Lighting

LED tennis court lighting

Tennis courts can be both indoors or outdoors. Indoor lighting can be replaced or retrofitted. Outdoors, new fixtures such as sports lights, flood lights and even retrofit kits allow you to convert from older HID technology to LED. If your looking for a quote, guidance or help in converting your tennis courts, indoors or outdoors, over to LED, do not hesitate to call us.

Tennis Court Lighting

Auditorium Lighting

LED auditorium lighting

Auditoriums have a duty to offer a great and safe experience. Whether its a play, music, or even educational content; an auditorium can improve the experience with an exception lighting system.

With our LED auditorium lighting solutions, auditoriums can improve their lighting system for the better; inside and out.

Auditorium Lighting

Playground Lighting

LED playground lighting

Playgrounds can remain well illuminated all throughout the night or morning with our LED playground lighting options. They are improving safety, increasing usage time, and decreasing operating costs.

Playground Lighting

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