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The High Cost of Doing Nothing - Why Wouldn't you Convert to LED?

High Cost of Not Converting to LEDCan you really afford not to update to Energy Efficient Industrial LED Lighting? Some companies solely base their decision on ROI payback periods, not realizing all the other costs that would be driven down or eliminated by converting over to LED Lights.

 If you or you company leave your lights turned on for more than 75 hours a week or are located in an area with cost of electricity .08 cents or more per kw/h, then converting to LED will be a proverbial "no-brainer".


1. Save Money by Reducing Energy Consumption:

A typical conversion from Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor lighting to an equivalent LED Light sees immediate savings of 60% or more on your lighting bills. It is not uncommon, with ultra high efficiencies, to see savings upwards of 80% and more when light saving controls are introduced.

100 LED Watts replacing 400 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 1577 kw/year *

Cost per kw/h   
Savings per year per fixture
* includes ballast draw

2. Save Money by Reducing Maintenance Costs When You Convert to LED:

Many of our industrial and commercial LED Lighting products have life spans exceeding 100,000 hours or more. Bulb and ballast replacement will become a thing of the past. This means less time replacing bulbs and ballast and more time working on the things that make you money! This means you will not have to have an inventory of bulbs and ballasts on hand. And everyone knows the more difficult the location, the higher the cost of labor to replace those lights.

3. Rebates:

Rebates may be available to help offset the initial expenditure of your LED conversion. Lights qualified under DesignLights Consortium often qualify for rebates with utility companies, as much as 50% of the cost of the project. And rebates are even higher with ultra-high efficiency DLC Premium Qualified Products, like our LED Retrofit Kits.

4. A Marathon of Savings:

It's not just a sprint to payback, it is a marathon of savings that include dramatically lower lighting bills and significantly reduced maintenance costs. All this and BETTER LIGHTING too! Savings compound year after year.

5. Payback - not uncommon to have the investment in LED pay for itself in under a year:

Every situation is different. But if your lights are on a lot, and your cost of electricity is over .10 kw/h, along with the higher efficiencies of our LED products, it is not uncommon to have the electricity savings pay you back in under a year. Throw in utility rebates for our DLC Qualified Products, and you will be in the black in no time.


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