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Parking Lot Lighting

LED parking lot lighting system

Parking Lots are wide open spaces are perfect for conversion to LED. We have both retrofit and fixture replacement solutions, and can easily replace everything you have from 100W to 1500W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Whether you want to use your existing fixtures or need to replace them, we have the options and optics to meet your needs and make sure your area is bright, inviting, safe and saving you money.

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Car Dealership Lighting

Car dealership lighting

Car Dealerships are special environments where the quality of light needs to be high to help display the cars in the best possible light. High CRI lighting provides great quality of light, and LED is able to provide high quality of light inside and out. And - allowing you to save money with lower energy costs by using a significant less amount of electricity.

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Parking Garages

Parking garage lighting system

Parking Garages and Parking Facilities are prime candidates for LED upgrades. All to often these spaces have lighting that is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing old technology like fluorescent lights, metal halide and halogens.

With LED Lights, creating a safer, brighter environment is easily accomplished, while reducing energy consumption is easy and can be enhanced by adding motion sensors with on/off or bi-level dimming. In some instances with the proper set up, energy consumption can be reduced by 80% or more.

Parking Garage Lights

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting system

Warehouses  are large open spaces of Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Fluorescent Tubes, or rows of shelves filled with products and items. And as LED becomes more efficient, the economics of converting your warehouse over to LED becomes a discussion of "What are you waiting for".

Whether you have open space, aisles, high ceilings, the need for controls, or just want to reduce your utility bill or maintenance costs, we can help you.

Warehouse Lights

Convention Center Lighting

LED auditorium lighting

Convention Centers have a duty to offer a great and safe experience. Whether its for trade shows or other large group gatherings, a convention center can improve the experience with an exception lighting system.

With our LED convention center lighting solutions, facilities can improve their lighting system for the better; inside and out.

Convention Center Lights

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Hospital and healthcare lighting

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities employ a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which are candidates to upgrade to LED Lighting. Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and therefore less maintenance, LED Lights in Healthcare Facilities offer other benefits.

Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED Lights do not flicker. Hospital workers who work long shifts working under fluorescent lighting can suffer from headaches and eye strain. And the even more obvious benefit - removing sources of Mercury from you health care facility.

Health Care Lights

Office Space

LED office lighting

Offices are essentially "tube farms". Floors and floors of fluorescent tubes that can easily be converted over to LED. And with the conversion comes better lighting, brighter lighting, energy reduction and reduce cost of maintenance. Complete fixture replacement or retrofit fluorescent tubes with LED. It's fast, simple and easy to do.

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Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Supermarket lighting system

Grocery Stores are aisles and aisles of food stacked 7 feet high, with lighting above each row, typically either fluorescent tubes or high bay fixtures with Metal Halide bulbs. It is imperative the food and packing look its best. That is why LED lighting makes so much sense.

High CRI retrofit bulbs or new LED Fixtures will create a better shopping experience for your customers and save you $'s each month. And with margins in the grocery store being low, every dollar saved is a dollar in profit for you.

Grocery Store Lights

Lighting for Churches

Church lighting system

Churches have large parking lots, and typically are lit with 400W Metal Halide bulbs. We can provide either a retrofit kit or supply a new fixture that will allow you to save 75% or more on your current lighting bills when you convert over to LED.

Church Lighting

Mall Lighting

Mall lighting

Malls can require a lot of lighting fixtures to illuminate the place, inside and out. At this scale, energy saving with LED mall lighting fixtures allows for a major reduction in the malls overhead costs; all while improving visitor experiences & sales with higher quality illumination.

Mall Lighting

Golf Course Lighting

Golf Course LED Lighting

Golf courses and driving ranges provide beautiful places to play and enjoy golf on. With LED golf course & driving range lights, these facilities can improve their courses for players and spectators along with reduce energy consumption and other lighting system costs all with LED.

Golf Course Lighting

Data Center Lighting

Data center operation with LEDs

Data centers fight heat output, and bad and inefficient lighting system can add to the heat. With LED, they generate more of their energy input to light rather than heat, allowing for a more efficient light with less heat output; which is a must for any data center operation. And motion sensors will not degrade the life of the LED bulb or fixture.

Data Center Lighting

Convenience Store Lighting

LED convenience store lighting

Convenience stores need to not only provide quick service, but also a good and exception one. A great lighting system starts with LED because it offers great illumination and reduced operating costs, all great for any given locations bottom line.

Convenience Store Lights

Cold Storage Lighting

LED walk in cooler and cold storage lighting

LED are the perfect fit for walk in coolers, freezers, doors, and commercial cold storage. They can work in cold temperatures, all while working at optimal levels, saving energy, and maintaining a long lifespan. Find out how...

Cold Storage Lighting

Car Wash Lighting

Car wash lighting

Car washes have intense water jets that spray off dirt, soap, and water all back onto the walls, ground and yes; the lights.

Car wash lighting fixtures need to be able to withstand all of this, and that is where our water proof LED car wash lights come into play. In addition to keeping everything out, our LED offer great illumination and energy savings that make them by far the best lighting option for a car wash.

Car Wash Lighting

Auditorium Lighting

LED auditorium lighting

Auditoriums have a duty to offer a great and safe experience. Whether its a play, music, or even educational content; an auditorium can improve the experience with an exception lighting system.

With our LED auditorium lighting solutions, auditoriums can improve their lighting system for the better; inside and out.

Auditorium Lighting

Pole Lights

LED pole lights

Pole lights are commonly used in parking lots, pathways, and other similar areas. We brought our LED technology to pole light fixtures, allowing companies to improve their quality of light outdoors along with gaining the cost saving benefits of LED.

LED Pole Lights

Security Lights

Commercial LED security lights

Security lighting fixtures enable a property to maintain a safe area through proper illumination. Our efficient and bright commercial LED security light fixtures offer illumination that is quality and improves safety for visitors and your property.

LED Security Lighting

Gas Station Lights

LED gas station lights

When gas stations improve their lighting system with LED, they increase trust building in the customer. This allows the customer to feel safe and secure, allowing them to more likely choose your gas station over the next.

Gas Station Lighting

Self Storage Lighting

Self storage lighting

Self storage facilities & units can require a lot of lighting to maintain a safe facility. With our LED self storage unit lighting options, facilities can improve illumination quality while reducing costs up to 75%.

Self Storage Facilities

Commercial Ceiling Lights

Commercial LED ceiling lights

Improve the workplace with our ETL listed commercial LED ceiling lighting options. They are improving workplace morale, improving safety, and decreasing costs; all of which improve a businesses bottom line.

Commercial Ceiling Lights

LED Shop Lights

LED pole lights

LED Shop Lights are designed to brighten any working area where productivity and safety are top priority.     

LED Shop Lights

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