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Shop for warranty-backed LED healthcare lights from MyLEDLightingGuide. Create safer conditions for patients and employees through proper hospital lighting levels.

We specialize in outdoor lighting for healthcare facilities as well as LED Replacements for fluorescent tube inside hospitals.

The Best Lighting Choices for Hospitals

Like schools, hospitals are stressed for funds too. Hospital wards, operating rooms, hallways, parking lots need around the clock, high quality light. Thousands of dollars are needed to fund the lighting electricity bills alone. This is why for hospital and healthcare facilities, it's important to have a sustainable future.

Eliminating Mercury from Hospitals

AIA Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities recommend the elimination of mercury from light fixtures. 

LED technology is a viable and socially-responsible alternate to incandescent bulbs, HIDs and fluorescents for healthcare facilities.

Replacing mercury with better and safer materials is a must. Such as mercury containing sphygmomanometers replaced by aneroid devices. There is little wisdom in risking patient exposure to mercury by using fluorescent lights.

Dont throw out bulbs imae

Healthcare Lighting - Replace or Retrofit?

As a facility manager of a hospital, you can convert over to LED but keep your investment in your fixtures. Outdoors, you can replace Metal Halide and HPS bulbs with HID LED Retrofit Conversion Kits. It's as simple as a bulb and ballast replacement. Indoors, you can replace fluorescent tubes with Magnetic LED Light Strip Retrofits for Troffers. So converting over to LED products doesn't have to be difficult or costly if you understand how you can retrofit.

If your fixtures are old (10+ years), replacing may make more sense. If they are newer fixtures, you can retrofit them with LED and get all the same benefits but keep your look.

Replacing fluorescent tubes inside hospitals is easy with Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits. Simple to do, remove the fluorescent tube and ballast and replace with the magnetic strip and led driver. A 15 watt LED magnetic strip retrofit kit can replace a 32 watt fluorescent tube. These lights also last much longer. The operating costs of an LED light bulb are thus only about 40% of an fluorescent bulb.

LED Hospital Lighting

LED Technology for Hospitals – A giant leap forward


There are many reasons why hospitals worldwide are investing in energy efficient lighting. Energy efficient lighting devices provide hospitals with innovative technological solutions to:


  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve safety
  • Improve lighting levels
  • Increase the comfort of patients and employees alike
  • Reduce the use of mercury in the healthcare facility
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • ‘Green’ their operations
  • Cut down on maintenance costs and costly facility downtime
  • Get the benefit of tax deductions by taking advantage of The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (CBTD) created under the Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • Improve cash flows
Healthcare Hallways, Waiting Areas, Nurse Desks and General Lighting


These lights are on 24 X 7 and deliver the best returns on investment. The payback period for these lights can be less than a year. Fluorescent troffers can be upgraded or replaced with LED. Fluorescent lights flicker, causing eyes strain and headaches. Replacing them with LED creates a better work and patient environment. Plus, we offer color changing and dimmable LED Panels. Toning down the color temperature and dimming the lights provides an inviting environment. It makes your indoor areas more appealing.

Color Changing and Dimmable LED Panels

Color changing panels allow the area to change from 3000K to 4000K and 5000K. No longer do you need to guess what will be the best color temperature. Switch to warmer light at nights to keep circadian patterns for your patients and guests. These lights are also dimmable, and controlled by remote control. Create groups of lights and change the lighting instantly.

Check out our 2X2 color changing dimmable LED Panels

Check out our 2X4 color changing dimmable LED Panels


High Power Recessed Retrofits Replace Metal Halide

These LED Retrofit Kits replace 6", 8" and 10" Recessed Can Lights inside high ceiling indoor and outdoor applications. Cut your energy costs dramatically. Even better, say good bye to maintaining these lights with our long life LED Retrofits

Check out our High Power Recessed Can Retrofit Kits


LED Shoebox Lights

Shoebox lights are used in areas that require broad-scope, intensely-bright lights. They pair perfectly with surveillance cameras. LED shoebox lights have many advantages over HID lights. They are energy-efficient and are highly versatile.

LED shoebox lights can directly replace 400W to 1000W HID shoebox lights and produce up to 60,000 lumens.

Shoebox retrofit kits can replace HID bulbs. Traditional HID bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs. LED shoebox fixtures have very little maintenance costs because of their long lifespan.


LED Outdoor Pole Top Lights

These commercial led lighting fixtures mount on top of poles. They light up street-scapes, walkways, pathways, green spaces, campuses, parks, and gathering areas. They are great alternatives to HID pole top lights.

LED outdoor pole top lamps feature type III, type IV or type V light distributions. The lights mount on poles with heights between 7 ft to 20 ft.

You can use them for decorative lighting purposes. You can pick from a wide range of color temperatures, 3000K to 5000K. Their light output and performance is superior to that of traditional pole top lamps.

When photocells installed, they detect ambient light and switch on and off at dusk and dawn. Motion sensors can also save energy by only switching on the lights when there is any activity.


LED Outdoor Wall Pack Lights

Wall mounted lights that illuminate parking lots, building perimeters and walkways. You will find them installed on vertical surfaces or on walls. They light up outdoor spaces with heavy pedestrian and vehicular movement.

Wall pack lights work as surveillance lights. Look for certifications like DLC Premium Rating, UL Rating and their IP Rating. They are able to withstand harsh weather conditions of any kind.

Wall Packs can be flood or cutoff. Floods distribute lights out, full cutoff distributes lights down.

These LED Commercial Light Fixtures have very low glare values and are impact-resistant. Paired with lighting controls, they can turn on and off at dusk or dawn or on demand.


Wall Sconces

LED Wall Sconces add excellent hallway ambient lighting at a fraction of the cost of their incandescent and cfl counterparts. Designed to operate for years without requiring any maintenance, these lights provide savings and beauty.

Exit Signs

Hospitals can replace 40 watt incandescent lights in exit signs with LED systems that use barely 2 watts! An added attraction is that these long life bulbs have almost a decade of productive life. The hospital reduces the headache of replacement and the chances of a fire safety citation due to a burned out bulb.

Besides the above applications, eco-friendly LED lamps have been used by enterprising lighting designers for task lighting, wall wash application and even in lobbies.

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