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LED Lighting for Convention Centers

Shop for LED Convention Center lighting - options reduce overhead, increase quality of experience, and improve safety. Indoor and outdoor light fixtures and free photometrics.

If you’ve noticed a drop in bookings at your center, your first thought might be you need more marketing. Focusing efforts on social media and calling former clients might seem like great ideas to fill up your calendar.

Yet, you might be overlooking an important factor that will not only attract clients but also keep them. Convention center LED lighting plays a crucial role in the success of events. It helps enhance the image of a convention center.

LED Convention Center Fixtures

LED Outdoor Fixtures for Convention Centers

Considerations When Buying Convention Center LEDs

LED Convention Center Lighting

1. Energy Efficiency


LED convention center lights have high efficiency. Most convention centers realize up to 75% energy savings after replacing old lighting. Considering the lights are on for several hours a day, centers can save thousands of dollars.

Smart LED fixtures feature daylight harvesting and presence detection systems. These further reduce the amount of energy consumed. The daylight harvesting features can dim, turn on and off in response to daylight. Presence detection sensors switch the lights on when there’s any movement and off when there’s none.

LEDs generate much less heat than other light sources. This keeps the temperature in the convention center low and reduces air conditioning. Less air conditioning results in less energy use.


2. Converting to LED in your convention center provides almost Zero Maintenance


Another feature of LEDs that saves centers is the low maintenance over the lifespan. They have a long rated life of 50,000-100,000 hours, meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing them often.

Convention centers upgraded to LEDs are saving because of the low maintenance costs. Replacing lamps, ballasts, and labor involved consume time and money better spent elsewhere.


3. Superior Performance


Convention center LED lights produce high-quality light. The importance of this cannot be undermined for a convention center. During exhibitions, light enhances product appeal, capturing customers’ attention. They can examine the details, textures, and colors of various products.

Good illumination also gives visitors a positive impression about the venue and brand. It influences the purchasing behavior of customers, leading to more sales for businesses. Bright light also provides a clean and fresh appearance. It makes the venue attractive and visitors are able to enjoy events more.


4. High Quality Light - Color Rendering Indexes (CRI)


LEDs have high color rendering indexes and make objects appear as in natural light. In convention centers, the exhibited products and venue look good because of the high CRI.

Lights with a CRI of 80 and above make the colors of the displayed products to pop and the textures to stand out. They look more attractive and people are able to see the details better. Exhibitors may make more sales and the convention center may get repeat business.


5. Instant Brightness


Convention center LED lights provide instant brightness. They do not have a restrike time; when you switch them off, you can switch them on again immediately. In case the power goes off suddenly during an event, event attendees are not covered in darkness. Also, frequent turning on and off does not affect their performance. Which is very common with fluorescent lamps.


6. Flexible and Controllable


LEDs are compatible with lighting control systems like dimmers and occupancy sensors. You can easily integrate the controls in an already existing LED lighting system or buy lights with pre-installed controls. Lighting controls help to further enhance energy efficiency. Some LEDs are tunable and have different color temperatures to create the right atmosphere for each time of the day.


7. Focused Lighting


LED lighting is directional and focuses light exactly where required. During an exhibition, different LED lights illuminate different areas of the convention center. Some lights can highlight the products to make them more appealing to visitors.


8. Light Uniformity


LEDs produce uniform light. The light is just enough and does not create shadows or dark spots. This means that all areas of the convention center will be bright. Accidents and other dangers are eliminated by LED lights.

Types of Convention Center LED Lights

UFO High-bay Light


A UFO LED high-bay light is a disc-shaped luminaire featuring flat aluminum housing. It contains optics to optimize light distribution without the need for bulky reflectors.

The lights have different beams which help focus and direct light better. You can get them with 60°, 90° and 120° beam angles. UFO LED high-bay lights are compact and efficient and have aesthetic appeal. This improves the appearance of convention centers.

They are the perfect choice for large spaces that need a high amount of light like convention centers. The LED lights contain amazing thermal properties. The negligible heat they produce is easily dispersed by their aluminum alloy heat sinks.

Linear High-bay Light


A Linear LED high-bay light is a panel shaped fixture that contains strips of led lights and offers broad lighting distributions. 

The lights have different beams which help focus and direct light better. You can get them with 60°, 90° and 120° beam angles. Linear style LED high-bay lights are thin and are suspended from cables or chains.

They are the perfect choice for large spaces that require a high amount of light like convention centers. Options are available that can replace 400W to 1000W Metal Halide and 4, 6 and 8 tube T5 High Output fluorescent fixtures.

LED Magnetic-Strip Retrofit Kits


LED magnetic-strips can replace any linear lighting fixture. It can completely do away with the need for ballasts and tombstones. They eradicate the need to wire energy to tombstones. These lights quickly replace fluorescent lamps and offer bright long-lasting light.

They replace fluorescents in troffer fixtures. The lights and the drivers usually have magnetic backing. Allowing you to stick them to the metallic interiors of lighting fixtures. No tools, sockets, or screws are required.

Compared to LED tubes, LED strips are easier to install. Instead of having to connect the wiring to individual sockets, you need to wire the energy to the driver. To connect the strips, you plug them into the driver using quick-connect cables. For a 4-light fixture instead of wiring four sockets, you wire one driver for LED magnetic-strip lights.

These lights are the fastest and easiest fluorescent troffer replacements on the market. Irrespective the type of ballast, number of tubes, or size magnetic LED strip lights are a complete retrofit solution. Running on energy-efficient, state-of-the-art, and long-lasting LED technology.

LED HID-replacement Kit


HIDs common in convention centers are metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. These lights consume tremendous amounts of energy, contain dangerous substances, and have low-quality light.

The solution? LED HID-replacement lights. They are a long-lasting and economical solution to traditional lighting. Inefficient HID lamps can finally be removed from convention centers for good.

LED HID-replacement lights are functional and practical. They can be used in several installations including high-bay installations. These lights are designed for both ballast bypass and ballast compatible installations.

They are flexible and offer beam angle adjustments. They feature panels which direct light where it is required. The panels can be easily adjusted to achieve 180°, 270° and 360° light output. The lights have a standard screw-in base which makes installation easy.

LED High Power Downlight Retrofit


LED downlight-retrofits are easy to install into existing recessed housings in the ceiling. The transition is a quick and easy process. They offer bright and focused light. LED downlights are high-quality, energy efficient, long lamp life, and a wide range of color temperatures.

The quantity of LED downlights required for a convention center depends on the beam angles of the lights. A large beam angle offers a wide spread of light while a small beam angle provides a narrow spread of light.

LED recessed retrofits from My LED Lighting Guide replaces recessed fluorescent lighting  downlights. It helps you realize electricity savings of up to 75%.

LED Wall-Packs


WallPack lights are also called exterior building lights and usually install on the exterior walls. They illuminate the areas next to buildings where vehicles and pedestrians frequent. Wall-pack lights install on walkway, driveway, and street poles situated next to buildings.

The main role of the lights is to make exteriors safe by giving enough light. They are also used in the beautification of exteriors. Some wall-pack lights feature unique, modern designs. They can light up outdoor spaces and add natural detailing

LED Shoebox-Lights


LED shoebox-lights, rectangular shaped, are used in parking lots. The lights come in a myriad of wattages, ranging from 50 to 600 watts. They can produce more than 80,000 lumens, illuminating a parking lot.

The biggest benefit of these lights is that they fill up large areas with bright, even lighting. Since they are in areas where safety and security are paramount, they enable security to work.

LED shoebox-lights make perfect replacements for HID shoebox and area lights. They offer up to 75% energy savings. Helps you to save thousands of dollars you would have spent on maintenance for HID lamps – including bulb and ballast replacements.

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