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Class 1 Div 2 LED Lighting

MyLEDLightingGuide offer's class 1 div 2 LED lighting fixtures that are designed to remain safe in hazardous environments. Find out more...

Our class 1 div 2 LED lighting products have been designed and built to be used safety in the presence of hydrogen, acetylene and other petrochemicals. Commonly our Class 1 Div 2 lighting LED are used in petrochemical tanks, boat yards & marine applications, plants, oil rigs, and more.

Our Class 1 Div 2 LED lights not only run safely in these dangerous environments, but they also reduce energy costs and improve safety through high quality light output.

LED Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

The proper application of industrial Class 1 Division 2 LED lighting fixtures is critical to maintain a safely operating lighting system where petrochemicals or other ignitable concentrations & hazardous gases are present but in a controlled, confined, or in a properly ventilated environment. For environments where ignitable gases are more consistently present, then a class 1 div 1 lighting fixture will be better suited for optimal safety.

Our perfected class 1 division 2 LED lighting products have been designed to meet all qualifications for these environments along with a UL listing.

We found that matching this class 1 div 2 qualification with LED technology allows for companies to maintain a safe lighting system while reducing energy costs by up to 75% and reducing overall costs of a typical explosion proof class 1 div 2 lighting system.

Reduced costs

Reducing your hazardous location class 1 division 2 lighting system costs becomes practical and sustainable with our industrial LED class 1 div 2 lights. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also save with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and even rebates.

Improved safety

Safety in commercial environments which require class 1 division 2 lighting comes in two ways: A safe light fixture, and proper illumination to maintain safe working conditions. Both of these concerns are solved with our class 1 div 2 LED lighting fixtures as they are qualified and offer quality light that will meet your facilities lighting standards and requirements.

Intrinsically safe: class 1 division 2 lighting

Our industrial class 1 div 2 LED lamps are built to eliminate sparking, which would otherwise potentially ignite in an environment with ignitable fumes in the area. We built our class 1 division 2 lamp fixtures to eliminate sparking, making them class 1 div 2 intrinsically safe lights that will remain safe in the harshest conditions.

Our explosion proof, class 1 division 2 LED lighting fixtures come in multiple shapes, sizes, and applications; allowing you to choose which is best for your facility. These C1D2 luminaries are also backed by 5+ year warranties, DLC approved, rated & listed for hazardous locations and offer the best price.

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