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LED Car Wash Lighting

Commercial Lighting (LED) for Car Wash Facilities

LED car wash lighting

Our car wash LED lights are made to withstand all of the water, dirt, and soap it is thrown at all day long, for years. The waterproof car wash lights we offer are rated to last 50,000+ hours, which will last on average 8 to 10 years depending on the usage.

This tremendous lifespan is up 2 to 3 times compared to other lighting technologies which may only last 15,000 hours, if not less in this environment. With LED, the lifespan increase is all but one of the benefits of car wash LED lights. Other benefits include better illumination which provides for better safety and improved experiences, lower energy consumption, and even rebate eligible since our car wash LEDs are DLC qualified. All of these benefits make our LED lights for car wash facilities the obvious choice.

LED is by far the best lighting for car wash bays for the reasons above and below. If you need help with your car wash lighting design that will meet proper standards and requirements, be sure to contact us and let one of our car wash lighting professionals help all of your questions and get you properly setup with LED at your car wash.

Reduced costs

Reducing car wash lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our LED car wash lighting solutions. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also save with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Better customer experience with LED Car Wash Lights

A car wash can be made into a terrible experience with bad lighting, and this is exactly what LED products solve. A great lighting level matched with a perfected color temperature allows for the best possible experience one can have at a car wash. Whether you have a self serve car wash or a full service car wash, feel ensured that LED will provide the best possible lighting for all of the facilities customers.

Waterproof lighting

If water, dirt, or soap were to get into a light fixture; it would dramatically decrease the lifespan. Our water proof and dirt proof car wash lights are made to handle all that is throw at them in such an environment, and will not allow any water or dirt to reduce the fixtures lifespan by a single minute.