LED Car Dealership Lighting

The 5+ year warranty-backed LED car dealership lighting options from MyLEDLightingGuide are improving car sales while reducing energy consumption by 75%, and more.

Car dealerships require high quality light to maintain a high level of interest to the lot. The cars must look good. This means that not only is amount of light important (lumens) but quality of light (CRI). And since it is important to display the cars in the best possible light, it makes sense to convert over to LED.

One Source LED Solution For Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships number one goal is to move more cars off of their lot. A big part of this plays into how much foot traffic you get, and lighting can either help or hurt this objective. For instance, an under-lit or poorly lit outdoor lot is going to deter people from visiting. To combat this, we've worked with car dealerships to directly improve their curb appeal via their parking lot lighting system, making their lot stand out from the rest and give off high professionalism.

This is achieved outside in the car dealership lots by taking a custom approach to fitting our lighting options into your car dealership in a way that optimizes car dealership lighting levels, which improves visibility, contrast, and trust.
In addition to the improved curb appeal that we help car lots achieve with our energy efficient LED auto dealership lighting solutions, they also offer extreme cost saving benefits that make it an easy choice to convert to LED.

These benefits include energy savings up to 75%, increased lifespans up to 2 to 3 times longer, decreased maintenance costs, improved quality of light, and better security for visitors and property.

1. Reduced your operation and maintenance costs

Reducing auto dealership lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED Lighting. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also reduce cost with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and even rebates. Adding controls to your outdoor lighting can even save you more money. Maybe you don't need your lights at 100% power at 3 am. But have them go to full power when motion is detected on the lot. A better experience for your customers and saving you even more money!

2. Better curb appeal when customers drive by

Dealerships rely heavily on foot traffic and drive by traffic, and without a quality automotive dealership lighting system; it can be impossible to make your property look appealing.To provoke interest in your lot, we will work with you to improve your car dealerships lighting design with LED lights to increase interest in every aspect.

3. Improved safety & security

Safety & security of both visitors and inventory at automotive dealerships is critical to keep potential liabilities and overhead down. Proper illumination acquired through proper design and car dealership LED lighting products allow for a secure lot that looks, feels, and is safe for everyone. With LED, it's possible. Just ask us how!

Outdoor Car Dealership LED Lighting

When we talk about car dealership lighting and the effect it has on curb appeal, we mainly refer to the outdoor car dealership parking lot lighting system. These are the exterior area & pole light fixtures that you find in the lot outside, illuminating the dealers inventory for viewing. We have many car dealership parking lot lights to choose from.

Not sure which outdoor car dealership parking lot lighting fixture is right for you? Want to learn more about auto dealership retrofit kits? Let one of our car dealership lighting experts help, contact and ask us for info!

Indoor Car Dealership LED Lighting

The best lighting for car dealer showrooms by far is LED and its ability to direct light, creating focus and desire exactly where you want it. If you need help with your indoor car showroom lighting system, we can help. Our automotive dealer lighting experts can help inside to achieve the optimal car showroom lighting design that focuses on getting results, while saving money.

Car Dealership Conversions to LED Success

Interested in our car dealership LED lighting products? Use our contact information below and one of our auto dealer lighting experts will help.

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