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Why is Efficacy Important?

One of the least understood terms in LED Lighting is efficacy, or in simpler terms, how efficient is the light. It is typically measure in lumens/watt. Today, efficacy is becoming more and more important because efficacy varies greatly from product to product. What the consumer needs to be wary of is that you should not be mislead into thinking that just because you are switching from HID or fluorescent to LED that you are getting the best savings available. You also need to look at how efficient the LED product is to maximize the savings.

Here is an example of how this works. Let's look at a two USA Made competitors Bulb Replacement Kits compared to our 4th generation LED kit. All three units are designed to replace 400W HID

Product Watts Efficacy Total Lumens
USA Product 1 135 97.5 lm/w 13,164
USA Product 2 130 108 lm/w 14,130
MyLEDLightingGuide Retrofit 100 155 lm/w 15,500

From this table, you can see that all products produce over 13,000 lumens, with the MyLEDLightingGuide product producing the most at 14,528 total lumens. It also consumes the least amount of energy of the three units at 105 watts, compared to 130 and 135 watts. For the record, all three products come with a 10 year warranty on the head and a 5 year warranty on the driver. MyLEDLightingGuide also offers a 10 year warranty on the driver as an optional upgrade.

But what does this all mean in terms of saving you $'s. Let's take a typical scenario. Let's say these retrofits are installed in an outdoor fixture, replacing a 400W HID, and it runs on average 12 hours a night at .12/kwh. We will include the cost to run the product each year and the accumulated cost of operation over the 10 year warranty period.

Product Watts Cost to operate
each year
Cost to operate
over 10 years
400W MH 455 $239.14 $2391.48
USA Product 1 135 $70.95 $709.56
USA Product 2 130 $68.32 $683.28
MyLEDLightingGuide Retrofit 100 $52.56 $525.60

What's important to note that it would cost you an additional $13 and $15 per year per fixture to operate the competitors retrofit kits versus the MyLEDLightingGuide 100W retrofit kit. Multiply this number over 10 years and by the number of fixtures you have to replace, and this is real dollars. And let's not forget the MyLEDLightingGuide retrofit kit is also much brighter than the competitors products.

So efficacy is important. It saves you money. But a well designed kit will also produce more light. Just think, without efficacy we wouldn't have as great of savings, nor would we have more light production from the same amount of power.

Efficacy is huge in the world of lighting, and it is only going to get better year by year. Technology improves, lights improve, and thus; efficacy improves. In 10 years, lights that will be made are probably going to be 5x improved then they are today. And since they are already super efficient today, just imagine that times 5. Now that is efficacy!

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