Why Efficiency Matters with Retrofit Kit LEDs

We are very proud of our LED Retrofit Kits - the kits designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulb in the existing fixtures from 70 watts to 1000 watts. And while there are some competitive product available that look both similar, that's where the similarity ends. LED Chipsets are different, as well as drivers, heat sinks, fans and even the way you mount them to the fixtures.

And recently DesignLights Consortium came out with a new standard, Version 4, that allowed the most efficient LED Retrofit Kits a higher efficiency category. So be careful, there is no need to purchase DLC Standard LED Retrofit Kits when there are DLC Premium Qualified LED Retrofit Kits available. And this is important, because the more efficient the product is, the more you save. And the savings don't end there. The whole reason for the more efficient standard was to offer larger utility rebates at time of purchase.

So you save 2 ways: potentially at time of purchase and over the life of the product. Let's do the math, because the numbers don't lie.

Lets compare two LED Retrofit Products designed to replace 400 watt metal halide, ours that is rated at 105 Watts producing 15,576 lumens and a competitive product rated at 135 watts producing 13,164 lumens. Wait! OK, so our 105W LED Retrofit Kit consumes 30 less watts but produces 2,412 lumens?

YES! Welcome to LED Efficiency 101. If you weren't aware, you might buy the competitive product, spend 30 more watts each month, month after month after month, and get 15% less light. Isn't the reason you are converting to LED is to save energy? Why would you want to consume 30 more watts and make 2412 less lumens?

But when you peel back the covers, there's more too it than meets the eye. Our heat sinks use a patented pin design and a much larger fan. The result? Well, if you could put both products side by side, run them for 2 hours, and touch them, our product with the superior heat sink design would be significantly cooler than the competitors product. And here's a rule, the number one killer of LED, or any electronics, is heat. The cooler you keep things, the longer it will last. That's why heat sinks are important.

But one other difference exists, and that is how you mount the retrofit kits into the existing fixtures. DLC Standard models can use a screw in adapter and screw into the existing socket. Keep in mind, the socket is powerless at this point, it's just a holder. We do not supply a socket adapter for 2 reasons: 1. DLC Premium does not allow for this connection type and 2. This just isn't a good idea. And the physics behind this is simple. Take a 400 watt metal halide bulb. Weigh it. Take the competitive retrofit kit. Weight it. It weighs a lot more. That socket was designed to hold a bulb, not a retrofit kit. Now, put that kit into a fixture that's on a pole. On windy days that fixture moves, along with the kit, stressing the socket. Failure is imminent. And then you will wish you used our mounting system

So pay attention to the details, you will find that our retrofit kits are brighter, consume less energy, keep cooler and have a better mounting system!

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