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Why Get LED Lighting for A Warehouse?

High-Bay light fixtures are not only ideal for warehouses, they are used in facilities with high ceilings that require illumination from very high points (15 or more feet), like gymnasiums, sports arenas, loading docks, and industrial facilities.

Until recently, metal halide lights were the only lights used in high bay lighting fixtures. However, these lights have many issues (they take time to warm up, buzz and flicker, consume a lot of electricity, and don’t have a long lifespan). Because of their inefficiency, these lights were quickly replaced by fluorescent and LED lighting systems. But the best of the two is definitely LED because of its energy efficiency, low maintenance, long lifespan, and better light output.

Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Metal Halide High Bay Lights

For the longest time, metal halide were the go-to lights for high bay light fixtures, because their color temperature and light output were better than those of other traditional lights. But as we said earlier, metal halides have many downsides. They also lose a lot of lumens as they age and the color of the light they produce keeps on changing.

Fluorescent high bay light fixtures are more efficient and last longer than metal halide high bay fixtures. They also don’t take a long time to warm up. However, they have a tendency to flicker and contain mercury (which is poisonous, meaning they have to be disposed of properly). Sure, new fluorescent lights do not hum or flicker like the old models but they're still not as efficient as LED lights. LEDs have more benefits than conventional lighting systems and none of their downsides.

Four Reasons LED Lighting Is Perfect for Every Warehouse

Warehouse owners and warehouse managers looking to buy high bay light fixtures for their warehouses usually look for fixtures with a long lifespan, non-toxic materials, a cool temperature, good color rendering, and sufficient brightness.

LED lights meet each of these needs and that's why they're perfect for high bay light fixtures. Warehouse owners who install these fixtures realize energy savings of up to 80% and save money on maintenance costs and electricity.

1. Energy Efficiency

This is the major reason why most warehouse owners switch to LED technology. LEDs use very few watts to produce the same amount of lumens as traditional light fixtures. They can lower energy consumption by up to 90%, saving you money you could have spent on electricity. They can reduce your electric bills by more than 80%, especially if you combine them with occupancy and vacancy sensors.

2. Long Lasting

LEDs can last for over 10 years (their average lifespan is 50,000 hours) without losing their initial brightness, unlike HID lights which lose their lumens rapidly. The lifespan of LEDs is ten times that of fluorescent and metal halide lights. You'll do away with the need to replace lights frequently, lowering maintenance costs in the process.

LED HighBay fixtures are also very well constructed and do not break easily.

3. Cool Temperature

According to the Department of Energy, LEDs emit very little heat while traditional lights discharge more than 80% of the energy they consume as heat. This means they are safe to use in different settings, even in food and textile warehouses. They can help cut down air conditioning costs because they don't need to be cooled like traditional lights.

4. Uniform Light

Since LEDs are directional, they emit light in a specific range and do not scatter it all over the place like HIDs. They have multiple diodes with separate optics and dispense light uniformly across surfaces.

Buy the Right High-Bay Light Fixtures, Buy LED

By now, it should be very clear that LED HighBay fixtures are the best. Get them for your warehouse and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. Browse through our selection of LED HighBay lighting fixtures and talk to us if you have any questions.

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