When facility managers or building owners first start the search for new replacement lighting fixtures in their facility, it can seem like a long road ahead. From all of the terminology and lingo that is used in the commercial lighting industry to knowing about the most efficient technology; it can prove to be overwhelming. So... we thought it'd be helpful to answer something that you may be wondering and that is: when is it appropriate to use high bay lights?

High Bay LED Lighting

LED High Bays can replace Metal Halide High Bays up to 1500W and reduce your energy consumption by as much as 75%. These lights are perfect for gyms, warehouses, factories, auditoriums or any large area where traditional style high bays are installed. UL Listed and DLC Qualified with 5 year warranties.

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There are different types of fixtures for all different types of environments, so getting this right can ensure your lighting system is properly setup and best fits the application that it is installed in.  

If you don't know what high bay lighting is, read our post where we talk all about what high bay lighting is. From there, you can come back to this post and continue, it will really help you keep up! Now, let's get into when high bay lighting is practical in both broad terms and specific applications it is best used in

In broad terms, when it high bay lighting practical?

In broader terms, the most appropriate time to use a high bay lighting fixture is for ceiling heights that are between 20 to 40 feet high. For heights between 15 to 20, you typically are going to go with a low bay fixture, but that's for an entirely different post. For anything lower, you will typically be dealing with tubes and panels lights, most often found in offices, hallways, and other similar type environments. So for commercial and industrial type environments in which the ceiling height is 20 to 40 feet tall, a high bay lighting fixture is commonly the most chosen lighting fixture to install. That is the broad definition of when high bay fixtures are going to be used at the most optimal rates.  

So, what types of applications or environments is high bay lighting appropriate? Well, let's talk about that... 

Applications for High Bay Lighting

Here we are going to list many common and not-so-common applications that high bays are often used and fit the purpose perfectly. Although these applications are highly relevant, there are some we have not listed and may have missed, but these are just a few of many very practical applications that high bays work perfectly in:  


Think about your school gym, or even your local gymnasium; how tall are those ceilings? Typically they range from the 20 to 40 foot range, and this makes high bay lights the perfect fit for these places. Anything else will either not provide enough light, or will provide too much light. And with lots of fast moving activity going on where people can get hurt, proper lighting is just one of many ways to help reduce and prevent accidents from occurring in a gym.  


All of those aisles and open areas of high ceiling spaces calls for proper illumination, and what better than using some high bays to do the job? Since warehouses often have high ceilings due to storage space requirements, this need for space vertically makes their ceilings the perfect height for high bay fixtures.  


Similarly to a warehouse, factories and production facilities need proper lighting to keep things safe and consistent. With proper lighting through installation of high quality high bays (such as with LED technology), you opt-in for better safety standards and higher consistency in your production efforts.  

Airplane Hangars

Large airplanes call for large ceilings in the hangars and a proper lighting system is a must for this environment. When maintenance is required, you need clear and proper light to keep things safe and easy to work in. 

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Final Thoughts

Although there are definitely some applications we missed, the idea is simple. Have a commercial or industrial area that has ceilings of 20 to 40 feet (or so)? Then a high bay lighting fixture is probably the best bet for that area. To recap, anything from 15 to 20 feet will do fine with a low bay light, which is the perfect fixture to light up these types of areas. Anything above up to 40 feet is the range for high bays.  


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