What about LEDs in High Ceiling Spaces?

At some point, someone had to find a solution for illuminating high ceiling spaces like warehouses, gyms, assembly areas, hangars or food processing plants and industrial indoor bay fixtures seemed to be the solution. Business owners quickly adopted the HID bulbs and thought they have found the best solution but they were far from it. We know information means power, but in this case information means major cost cuts.

LED indoor bay fixtures are a product that brings the already known advantages of LED lighting to these very commercial-oriented places where lower costs can mean the difference between bankruptcy and profit.

Traditional HID lights are very hard to maintain and safety at the place of work becomes very important.  Replacing or repairing a ceiling light fixture often means that the worker must work at heights. If you look at things from this perspective reducing the number of lights that must be replaced is a smart decision.

You can do this by installing industrial LED Fixtures, which will last maybe more than 10 years. That means that you only have to think about a major maintenance operation ten years from now, in the meantime keep you employees safe, and avoid spending money on extra helpers or tools.

A short comparison between the old HID Light and the new LED ones shows just how much such a replacement means, especially at the scale of a warehouse.

  • Compared with the traditional Metal Halide, HPS or Mercury fixtures, the alternative LED fixtures will save 60% even 65%  electricity costs and if halogen lights were previously used they could save 85% electricity cost.
  • In comparison with the HPS, halogen or metal halide lamps, they win by far as the lifespan is 3 times or more likely 5 times longer. What this actually means is that if you used old types of lamps in about 10-15 year you would have changed them all at least 3 times.  Three years when you would have spent major sums for this replacement.
  • The maintenance costs are close to zero with LED Fixtures and we talked before of how many problems you can have with the old ones.
  • LEDs are Eco-friendly and do not pollute with lead or mercury. This is an important issue now and it will be much more important 5 years from now when things will get even worse with the environment.
  • They keep the environment clean, as there are no UV light thus no flying insects will be lurking around.

There are many types of  LED options and many of them with the help of a diffuser lens can be converted into a low ceiling height fixture. The manufacturers created kits for wet environments (like the ones in the food industry) although LEDs are already known for being very sturdy and by the way, they do not emit significant heat, a major gain if you need to cool the warehouse.

Of course, it is best if you can find a consultant to help you choose the suitable LED Fixture in order to get the best lighting conditions at the lowest price.

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