Understanding Wallpacks

If you are considering installing LED WallPacks to your building, you will notice there are 2 types: Full Cutoff and Flood (also semi-cutoff, which is a mixture of the two). Which should you use? Here's a quick definition and use guide so you can pick the right option.

Full Cutoff WallPacks

A full cutoff wall pack is one that only directs its light downwards. Its purposes is to wall wash the outdoor facade of a building, and to light up nearby path ways. It does not direct light outward or upward. It is a great choice if you are looking to enhance the outside appeal of a building at night

Flood WallPacks

A flood wall pack directs its light outwards, as well as down. It is a great security light as it is able to cast its light outwards and down, providing additional lighting for nearby pathways and parking lots. Equipped with photocell (for dusk to dawn operations) as well as motion sensor (full brightness when motion is detected), these lights enhance the security around your building.

Converting to LED Lights

With LED, you get all the benefits of wall pack lighting without the negative side affects associated with HID.
  • reduced energy consumption by as much as 75% (or more if controls are used).
  • no yellowing of lenses, LED does not produce UV.
  • years of maintenance free operation.
  • higher quality of light.
  • instant on - instant off. The perfect security light.

Adding Controls

You can enhance your LED Light Options with controls that interact with your area to give you the best results for both security and energy savings.

Add a Photocell to allow each unit to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. This happens automatically, no need to add timers to the circuit.

Add a Motion Sensor to detect motion and turn the light to 100% light. Perfect for safety and security. Don't forget to add a 0-10V dimmable driver. This allows you to adjust the light down when no one is near, also saving you additional money with reduced energy consumption.

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