The Top 4 Reasons to convert your Warehouse to LED

Many warehouse owners and facility managers are seeking to reduce energy consumption or are in need of long overdue updates in their aging facilities. LED lighting present a number of great reasons to upgrade, including but not limited to significant energy savings and ease of use.

led warehouse lights

Here is our list of the top reasons to consider converting to LED lighting in warehouses:

1. Significant Energy Saving

Warehouses typically have one thing in common. They are large and typically have hundreds of lighting fixtures. Traditional lighting like metal halide on this scale can be extremely cost inefficient, particularly for facilities running two or even three shifts. This is where the energy savings of LED comes into play. After conversion, you can expect up to a 75% reduction in energy expenditure with your new warehouse lights. This is a huge op-ex savings that can be reinvested back into the business elsewhere.

2. Easy Maintenance

No facility manager or electrician enjoys going up to resolve a burned-out light. This is particularly true in a warehouse with a high ceiling. Traditional lighting is just not built for longevity with HID or metal halide fixtures typically lasting around 10,000 hours. LED lighting significantly reduces this burden with fixtures that can last between 50,000 hours and 100,000 hours before needing replacement. An LED conversion allows the facilities manager to focus on more important projects instead of worrying about changing light bulbs every few years.

3. Extensive Control Options

Lighting is not one size fits all. As a result, facility managers must take care to ensure the appropriate fixture is used to meet or improve the existing lighting experience. The decision-making process does not stop here. Controls can be a real benefit in a warehouse setting, allowing the lighting to be manipulated based on the situation. Daylight sensors, motion sensors, dimmers, and wireless technology are just some of the options available. LED controls will improve working conditions, further reduce energy costs and extend the life of your fixtures. Consider them for your next conversion project for up to an additional 20% energy savings.

4. Rebates to Reduce Purchase Price

Throughout the United States and elsewhere, utility companies are face with an enormous issue. They do not have the capacity to sustain the growing energy needs of their customers. Thus, rebates were born to incentivize a switch from inefficient traditional lighting to high efficiency LED lighting. Rebates present a great opportunity to reduce the purchase price of LED lighting, sometimes by up to 50%. In a large warehouse, a $150 per fixture rebate adds up fast when you have say 800 fixtures.

This represents a $120,000 total rebate against your upgrade cost. Significant dollars that can allow you to also upgrade the outdoor lighting to LED or to focus on other important projects. Do not miss out on this “free money” opportunity.

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