The Benefits of (LED) Canopy Lights over HID

LED lighting can significantly improve gas stations, parking garages and low ceiling locations by reducing energy expenses and lasting for many years.

MyLEDLightingGuide can help you design a complete LED lighting system that lasts for years and meets your budget requirements with a wide selection of products. There are many reasons LED gas station lights are better than HID solutions, such as Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Installing one today can allow you to allocate more of your budget to other areas of your business, while dramatically reducing maintenance costs and making your business far more appealing to your customers.

Types of Canopy Lights Available

The main type of LED lighting that businesses often utilize is canopy lighting. AS mentioned, you find these types of lights installed at gas stations and inside covered parking garages. Canopy lights are often installed in areas over the gas pumps, or in the driving aisles of parking garages. These lights can last for many years and provide a significant improvement in lighting for your customers and employees. LED street lights and parking lot lights (shoe boxes) are also ideal for the perimeter areas of outdoor businesses. Using a combination of LED lights on the premises, you'll be able to lower expenses almost immediately. Whether you need LED  gas station canopy lights, gas station shoebox lights, or other lights for your parking garage, we have everything you need and to make sure you get great results from our products for many years.

The Benefits of Using LED Gas Station Canopy Lights and More

While the most obvious benefit of LED lights is lowered energy costs, there are many other reasons why you should utilize an LED lighting system. These benefits include:

  • Longer life span, with bulbs lasting up to 100,000 hours
  • Ecological friendliness, as LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other toxic chemicals
  • Durability in harsh weather conditions
  • No UV emissions and minimal infrared light
  • Design flexibility, using either new or retrofit solutions
  • Reliability in hot or cold environments
  • Great distribution of light with the ability to focus on certain areas
  • Instant on and Instant off, with the ability to use motion controls and photocells

New Canopy Lights or Retrofit Your Existing Fixtures

MyLEDLightingGuide offers both options, new fixtures or replacement Retrofit Units. What's the difference? Well, quite simply, a new fixture means you replace the entire fixture and recycle / dispose of the old fixture. This makes sense when your fixtures are old and tired, or you want to upgrade your look.

Retrofitting is essentially a bulb and balance replacement with a LED Light Engine and LED Driver. There is a lot less to dispose of once you are done. These lights are warrantied for 10 years, are rebatable as they are DLC Premium Qualified.

These benefits make Canopy Lights invaluable for parking garages and gas stations. As a reliable canopy lights supplier, we’ll make sure that you get all of the benefits listed above with each product


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